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Animated numbers solve mathematical problems. A girl has a hundred beads to make a necklace. Suddenly she has only ten, then one. The Numbertaker is to blame.

4 is in the cosy room taking photos of 1 and 0. A girl has a hundred or so beads to make a necklace but then has only ten, then one. A boy has similar problems with building bricks, as does a woman with gloves.

6 flies out, and the Numberjacks work out that the Numbertaker is taking tens, hundreds and thousands. They make the numbers with 11, 0 and the photos of 0. First one agent, then ten, then a hundred with 1000 fingers help 6 deliver Brain Gain, and all is well.

First shown: 7 Dec 2009
Available for 15 days Duration 15 mins