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The adventures of two unlikely friends. Big and Small borrow Ruby's instant camera so they can put a picture of themselves into Small's scrapbook.

The adventures of two unlikely friends.

Small has a space in his scrapbook that he wants to fill with a picture of himself and his best friend, Big. They try to take a photograph by themselves, but it's tricky so they ask Ruby to help them out with her instant camera. There is only one shot left in the camera. Ruby prepares to take a picture of Big on the Swing with Small bungee jumping into the frame beside him. A practice run goes perfectly but when it comes to taking the real photo, Small crashes into Big, Big goes tumbling backwards, Small boings past Ruby, Ruby trips up pressing the shutter as she stumbles.

They wait for a tense second until the photo emerges. Totally without planning or posing it turns out to be a great photo of both Big and Small and can be stuck proudly into the scrapbook.

First shown: 20 Oct 2009 5 days left Duration 10 mins

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