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Sketch show. Featuring Anna Conda, an unusual reptiles expert, irrepressible and inquisitive wanderer Humphrey and Arthur Sleep, everyone's favourite punning newsreader.

Sketch show. Featuring Anna Conda, a reptile expert with an unusual look, and an out-of-place and out-of-luck pirate desperate to find his treasure, no matter where he is. There is Gail Force - weather girl extraordinaire, and Humphrey, an irrepressible and inquisitive wanderer, off to learn new things at a children's farm with Woody the dog.

Plus DIY Dan, the ever-cheerful but incompetent handyman tackling problem doors with predictable results, Arthur Sleep - everyone's favourite punning newsreader, and Chip Monk - the pet shop assistant who is reluctant to sell his friends, the pets.

There are also the Gigglekids, children from all round the country who tell Justin their favourite jokes.

First shown: 5:35pm 9 Sep 2009
Available for 18 days Duration 15 mins