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Chris and Pui investigate and explore in their magical playroom in the sky. Look through the telescope to see some tall trees, trunks and leaves.

We are off on a journey to play in the sky, into the lift and zoom way up high! Up at the top are friends that we know, let's go and meet them and count as we go!

Chris and Pui's adventures are about trees and tall things. Let's put a token in the telescope to take a look at some trees. Tall trees, trunks and leaves! We could grow a tree inside from scarves, towels and gloves. What a terrific, tall tree!

Also featuring the animated adventures of Penelope, a three-year-old chatterbox and her family. Penelope and her friends enjoy painting at school.

Stuffy wants to be tall for the day, but not as tall as a tower or even a yellow sunflower! Sing along with Chris and Pui and try and guess what tall thing they're pretending to be! Thank you for coming to play!

First shown: 10 Jan 2010
Available until Wed 6:45am
Duration 25 mins