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  1. Hero Squad: 1. Ski Rescue

    Hero Squad -

    1. Ski Rescue

    Six new recruits become Hero Squad Cadets and start a rigorous training programme.

  2. Hero Squad: 2. Rubble Rescue

    Hero Squad -

    2. Rubble Rescue

    The cadets attempt to rescue a casualty who is buried under a collapsed building.

  3. Hero Squad: 3. Quicksand Rescue

    Hero Squad -

    3. Quicksand Rescue

    The Hero Squad cadets are in Morecambe Bay where they must navigate sinking sand.

  4. Hero Squad: 4. Fire Rescue

    Hero Squad -

    4. Fire Rescue

    Two Hero Squad casualties are trapped in a building.

  5. Hero Squad: 5. Helicopter Rescue

    Hero Squad -

    5. Helicopter Rescue

    The six Hero Squad cadets work with London's Air Ambulance.

  6. Marrying Mum and Dad: 6. Spy

    Marrying Mum and Dad -

    6. Spy

    Callum, Chloe and Paula plan a spy-themed civil partnership ceremony for their two dads.

  7. Marrying Mum and Dad: 7. Football

    Marrying Mum and Dad -

    7. Football

    Louis and Freya plan a football-themed wedding scores for their mum and dad.

  8. Marrying Mum and Dad: 1. Pirates

    Marrying Mum and Dad -

    1. Pirates

    Imi and Finn get their parents sailing on the high seas to their pirate-themed big day.

  9. Marrying Mum and Dad: 9. 1980s

    Marrying Mum and Dad -

    9. 1980s

    Cassie and Marnie plan a 1980s Jewish wedding for mum and stepdad Simon.

  10. Marrying Mum and Dad: 10. Beach

    Marrying Mum and Dad -

    10. Beach

    Brothers Niall and Ethan want a beach-themed big day for their mum and dad.

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