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What is BBC iPlayer for CBBC?

  • Missed something on TV? Catch it again with BBC iPlayer for CBBC. This is CBBC your way.
  • Check out the Top Picks and see what everyone else is watching with Most Popular
  • Search the CBBC schedules

Can you help me find a CBBC show?

Was the show broadcast on CBBC in the last 7 days? If it was, try the search box at the top of the page or search by A-Z if you know the first letter of the show. We can only bring you shows that were on television in the last 7 days.

Still can't find your CBBC show? We need permission from the people who make and appear in a show to make it available to you. If we don't have this then we're not allowed to put the show in BBC iPlayer for CBBC. We're working on this bit though.

Where are the programmes from CBeebies?

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For CBeebies programmes, please visit the CBeebies iPlayer.

Can I watch LIVE shows on CBBC just like on the TV?

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Just click on the Watch LIVE button on the Home page.

Anyone watching live CBBC, whether on television or BBC iPlayer, must have a valid TV licence.

When I watch a show it keeps stopping with a spinning circle appearing in the middle, can you help me out?

Ask a grown up to help you if you're not sure but read on if you want more info...

Your computer has a network connection to access the internet. If your connection gets the hiccups the video will pause and the spinning circle appears. If this keeps happening, try again later when your connection may be feeling better.

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Why is a show I watched the other day not available anymore?

We can only bring you shows that were broadcast on CBBC within the last 7 days.

For further help refer to the main BBC iPlayer help pages.

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