Hank Zipzer: The Lucky Socks

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Hank Zipzer: The Lucky Socks

Hank Zipzer: The Lucky Socks


The life of 12-year-old Hank Zipzer, a young man with a unique perspective on the world. The school announces its annual house sport and quiz competition, and Hank finds himself forced to try out for the Yellow House softball team. Given his co-ordination issues, Hank knows that he's doomed to fail, but when he runs out of socks and borrows a pair of Emily's sparkly pink socks on the morning of practice with Papa Pete, he's stunned to discover that he can actually hit the ball. It seems the socks are a lucky charm and soon Hank refuses to take them off. But when Emily decides that she also needs her lucky socks to win the quiz, the pair comes to blows.

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