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Rocket and his family live on a mysterious island. When a mythical creature is sighted in the woods, Rocket is determined to save it from extinction.

On the mysterious island of Dirgelmor, off the coast of Wales, lives the Boulsworth family. Mum Sarah, dad Peter and children Alli and Rocket. The Knot farm takes on foster kids but these aren't just any kids, these are the ones that everyone else has given up on.

When a supposedly mythical creature called a tancath is spotted in the woods, Rocket is determined to see it too. However when he goes looking, he's not prepared for what he finds, there's a small girl hiding in the undergrowth! Jade is a previous foster kid and has hitchhiked her way back to the island. She tells everyone that things have been going brilliantly and she's just come back to see them all for a holiday, but we soon realise she's not telling the whole truth. Will Sarah and Peter let her stay with them? Meanwhile, the rest of the island is whipped into a tancath frenzy, but with the kids at school turning against Brandon, Rocket and Alli find themselves in a desperate race against time to save both Brandon and the beast.

First shown: 5.25pm 21 Apr 2014 Available until Sun 7pm

Duration 30 mins

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