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When Roy falls into a film projector, Roy and Mr Hammond swap bodies. Mr Hammond experiences life through Roy's eyes and Roy discovers life as Mr Hammond.

It is a big day at Sandyford Progressive Learning, as teachers and students are pitching to local entrepreneur Harriet Quinn, to raise funding for their school project. Mr Hammond enlists Roy to help him set up his presentation, however Roy ends up becoming tangled in the projector and is literally projected through Mr Hammond. Both awake to discover that they have swapped bodies. Roy is now trapped inside Hammond's stuffy real frame and Mr Hammond is trapped inside a cartoon boy. Unable to reverse their situation, Hammond begs Roy to play along and not to tell Miss Jervis. For that day, Hammond experiences life through Roy's eyes, the awkwardness, Deco's bullying and the temptations of cartoon abilities, which he succumbs to, trouncing Deco on the basketball court using his cartoon stretchy arms. He even gets a big hug from Tara, much to Roy's frustration. Meanwhile, Roy discovers life as Hammond is not so simple, with work pressures overloading him and the studying of Mr Hammond's speech, not to mention the irritations of wayward students like Mr Hammond in Roy's body, Roy has a difficult time being vice principal of Sandyford Progressive Learning. When Roy, trapped in Mr Hammond's body, accidentally destroys Mr Hammond's speech, Roy is forced to ad-lib the presentation, and when he nearly confesses to their swap, Hammond charges the stage to save Roy. Will they somehow get their own bodies back and finally learn to appreciate each other and their differences?

First shown: 5pm 17 Apr 2014
Available for 17 days Duration 28 mins