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Steve Backshall discovers how reptiles, including chameleons, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and komodo dragons, become cold-blooded predators.

Steve Backshall takes a look at the incredible world of reptiles and discovers what makes them cold-blooded killers. First, he looks at their weapons, from the chameleon's spring-loaded turbo tongue to the alligator snapping turtle's lethal jaws. Then he tests out the most powerful bites on the planet when he encounters reptilian giants - the crocodiles. Finally, Steve investigates the supersenses of snakes before heading to the remote island of Komodo to meet the largest lizard alive. Komodo dragons are the ultimate cold-blooded predator, even turning their killer instincts on the crew when the dragons start to hunt Steve.

First shown: 27 Mar 2014
Available for 16 days Duration 28 mins