Strange Hill High: Becky vs Bocky

Strange Hill High: Becky vs Bocky is not available to play yet - we are working on this and we hope to have it here shortly.

Strange Hill High: Becky vs Bocky

Strange Hill High: Becky vs Bocky


Animated series following three friends as they investigate all manner of bizarre and odd occurrences at their inner-city school.

Becky has a lot of big hopes and dreams and one of them is to be popular. It's school election time and Becky sees this as a perfect opportunity. If it weren't for the ever-popular (in her own head), perennial class president Stephanie Bethany. Stephanie's running yet again and with her henchman Croydonia, she's blanketed the school with election material. It seems Becky has no chance of defeating her, until something strange happens in the school art room. To increase Becky's exposure, Mitchell persuades the art teacher Mr Kandinsky to let all the students make portraits of Becky. Templeton's made a horrible lumpy version of Becky in clay. That night, Croydonia sneaks in to deface all the portraits, but trips up the creaky old school generator. A mysterious spark flies into Templeton's clay model of Becky. The next day, our trio discover this hulking, lopsided version of Becky has come to life! This thing could be just the thing Becky needs to persuade people to vote for her! So the giant clay Becky goes on the campaign trail to help Becky. That is, until crafty Stephanie tricks the not-too-bright clay monster into defecting and running as her vice president. Now Becky is not only running against Stephanie, but a monstrous version of herself! It's Strange Hill's version of Election meets the ancient tale of the Golem.

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