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Animated series. Giant animals roam the school hallways after Mitchell and Templeton use a dusty old device they soon learn is a matter transmogrifier.

Animated series following three friends as they investigate all manner of bizarre and odd occurrences at their inner-city school.

It's a snowy day and Strange Hill students are having fun with snowballs, snowmen and chainsaws. So it's inevitable that it's also a day Mitchell, Becky and Templeton get tossed into detention. They're forced to clean the really old and cramped science room, scrubbing old science equipment as well as the cages of the various school pets that live in the lab, including hamsters, mice and rabbits. Becky has a soft spot for animals and sets them free from their cages. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Templeton discover a dusty old device they soon learn is a matter transmogrifier - it can alter the shape and size of any piece of matter and has apparently been used exclusively by the school chef to, for example, save on the cost of potatoes by transmogrifying one small potato into a giant one that can feed the whole school. They have some fun with the machine then return to class, which is soon disrupted by the sight of giant animals roaming the school hallways. This episode features a creative breakthrough never before done on TV, but we can't say what it is in case it doesn't work! It becomes like a 50s horror movie as our trio set out to correct things, but they only succeed in turning headmaster Abercrombie into headmaster Toadercrombie. How will they solve this one? A delightful combination of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, the Fly and many other 50s horror movies.

First shown: 5pm 10 Jul 2013
Available for 21 days Duration 23 mins