Animated series. Mitchell becomes a journalist for the school newspaper and decides it is easier to simply make stories up rather than look for real ones.

Animated series following three friends as they investigate all manner of bizarre and odd occurrences at their inner-city school.

Mitchell's desperate to see his favourite rapper in concert - so desperate that he'll actually join a school activity to do so! When he learns he can get free tickets by reviewing the concert for the school paper, Mitchell signs up along with Becky and Templeton. But there's a catch. Croydonia is editor-in-chief of the paper and she's not going to just let Mitchell have those tickets. First, he must find a worthy news story, write it up and give it to her. If it's up to snuff, he'll get the tickets. Hard work and the ability to dig deep into current events is the cornerstone of good journalism, and Mitchell will have none of it. He just makes up the story. Croydonia likes it and prints it, but leads him on about the concert tickets. So Mitchell keeps making up more and more outrageous news stories. As they're printing up a batch of papers, the trio replace the ink in the printing press with an ancient vial of ink they find in a dusty old cabinet. The next day when the paper comes out, they find all Mitchell's outrageous news stories have come true! It's all insane, tabloidy, sensationalist fun until one of his stories backfires, the school begins to crumble and school custodian Murdoch gets fired. A rare dose of guilt sets Mitchell, Becky and Templeton on the track to help the man who helped them so much before - as well as saving the school from imminent destruction.

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