Animated series. When Becky and Templeton are sucked back to Victorian times, Mitchell and Mr Balding try to rescue them.

Animated series following three friends as they investigate all manner of bizarre and odd occurrences at their inner-city school.

As a new student at Strange Hill High, Mitchell tends to look at things with cynical amusement - surely things aren't as strange as they seem. So when he's told that no student ever goes into the school library because of a mysterious book that's supposedly there and causes students who read it to disappear - Mitchell heads right for the library. And he drags his friends Becky and Templeton with him. Searching the creepy library - despite the protests of the equally creepy school librarian - they find a book called A Most Intriguing History of Strange Hill High. And it's an unfinished book! When Becky and Templeton get sucked back to Victorian times at Strange Hill, Mitchell seeks to rescue them. And with the help of Mr Balding - the history teacher who seems like he's been around forever, and may actually have been - Mitchell and his friends uncover one of the greatest mysteries the school has ever seen.

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