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Animated series. Mitchell, Becky and Templeton discover an ancient chamber behind the walls of one of the school lavatories. Inside, there's a giant stone toilet.

Animated series following three friends as they investigate all manner of bizarre and odd occurrences at their inner-city school.

A very strange thing has happened at Strange Hill - Mitchell has actually completed an assignment. He's made a beautiful wooden skateboard for his woodworking project. But when his hopes and his project are smashed - literally - by school bully Tyson, the story takes a turn for the truly bizarre.

Behind the walls of one of the school lavatories, Mitchell, Becky and Templeton discover a hidden chamber, an ancient lavatory seemingly from Arthurian times. Inside, there's a giant stone toilet guarded by the vigilant statue of a knight. There's also an ancient round table. Mitchell is quite taken by the beautifully carved wooden table and decides to claim it as his own for his woodworking project. When he swears to Abercrombie that the table is his - literally laying claim to it - weird things happen in the ancient lavatory and the statue of the knight comes to life.

The 1,000-year-old knight - Sir Bogivere - pledges his loyalty to the owner of the round table, Mitchell, and declares him king. So now Mitchell is king of Strange Hill and, with a genuine knight to do his bidding, he decides to take advantage of his new power.

And the school will never be the same.

First shown: 5pm 8 May 2013
Available for 27 days Duration 23 mins

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