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Tim Fitzhigham meets humans who defy science and puts them to the test. Tim meets Juan Ruiz, a blind man who sees with his ears, using echolocation.

Tim Fitzhigham meets the humans who defy science and puts their powers to the test - against himself. Tim meets Juan Ruiz, a blind man who can see with his ears using echolocation. Juan can climb trees, ride a bicycle and tell what objects are without even touching them.

But does Juan's amazing sonar sense make him a real-life Daredevil? Tim challenges Juan to three super tests in order to prove, or disprove, these superhuman powers.

Can Tim and Juan complete an incredibly dangerous cycle down a steep Californian mountain bike track blindfolded? This is exactly as dangerous as it sounds, so Tim uses state-of-the-art technology, real medical science and his very own mission doctor as he prepares for his challenges.

Is Juan Ruiz a real-life Daredevil? Be prepared to be amazed by Super Human Challenge!

First shown: 5.45pm 13 Mar 2013
Available for 16 days Duration 30 mins

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