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Kids organise the best wedding ever for their parents. Emma and Ben plan a double bluff wedding, with a traditional church service followed by a big-top-circus surprise.

Kids enlist the help of Ed and Naomi to organise the best wedding ever for their unmarried parents or step-parents - but they've got just two weeks to do it. Emma and Ben have got a brilliant plan - a double bluff wedding! Their fun-loving parents will expect something wacky, so the siblings plan exactly the opposite. They plan to start the day with a traditional church wedding, but when mum and dad are married, they'll be blindfolded and led to a specially erected big top filled with all their guests dressed as clowns for an unbelievable circus surprise. How will mum and dad react when they realise that Emma and Ben are the trapeze act - and are then told that they have a circus act to perform too?

First shown: 9:30am 23 Aug 2012
Available for 14 days Duration 28 mins