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Drama set in a children's home. Mike gets an MBE, but Tracy's plan to let the young people decide who should go with him to the palace doesn't go smoothly.

Mike is stunned by the news that he is about to get an MBE. Apart from Rick who seems to have a republican view, and Gus who has piano practice that day, the young people all want to go to the palace with him. But Mike can only take three guests. Who should it be? Johnny gets wind of this and he, Tee and Carmen set about impressing Mike with their helpfulness. When Frank starts vacuuming the office, it is decided something has to be done. Tracy sets up an election - each young person has to vote for the person they think deserves to go and no-one can vote for themselves. A brutal election campaign begins.

First shown: 5pm 16 Mar 2012
Available for 13 days Duration 30 mins