Drama set in a children's home. A new arrival at the Dumping Ground creates chaos for Tracy and upset for Carmen.

Drama set in a children's home. Carmen and Lily plan on manipulating Mike into letting Shadow stay at the Dumping Ground with Lily when she has respite care the following week. The girls arrive back at the DG to find Jody, a wild, screaming girl who is refusing to have a bath. Carmen is told Jody has to share with her. She and Lily go to Sapphire who refuses to move in with Elektra so that Jody can have her room, and Mike then tells Lily that now things are fine with her dad, she won't need respite care anymore anyway. Tired of her hyperactive antics, Elektra locks Jody in the toy cupboard. Jody breaks free, tips a plant over Elektra's head and disappears.

Tracy and Mike find her at her wreck of a family home. Her mum and brothers, who have a criminal court case pending, have left. Jody is distraught. Mike and Tracy take her back to the Dumping Ground. An upset Lily tells Carmen how she needs a break from her dad, not the other way around. She makes Carmen promise not to say anything for fear of the authorities taking her away from her dad again.

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