Drama set in a children's home. Tee accidentally lets sheep into the farmhouse, and the Dumping Ground summer holiday is over.

Drama set in a children's home. It's the yearly holiday at a farmhouse in the country. Lily has come to spend her last summer holiday with her friends, although she could have gone on holiday with her dad. But Tee accidentally lets sheep out of a field and into the farmhouse. The farmer throws everyone out.

Back at the DG, Tee is blamed for losing everyone their holiday and when she tries to make amends it backfires, making her feel even worse. While Tracy tries to get people to be forgiving and Mike tries in vain to book somewhere else for everyone, Lily and Carmen plan on running away to join Lily's dad, who is camping somewhere in Wales. Tee discovers their plan and tries to stop them. She ends up on the coach with Carmen and Lily, heading south towards Bristol. Refusing to play ball, Tee insists on getting off. Feeling guilty, Carmen and Lily get off the coach too. The girls find themselves in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal.

Meanwhile, Tracy finds out what's happened. She, Mike, Johnny and Frank take the minibus to go after the coach.

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