Drama set in a children's home. A pirate DVD stall leads Liam to a man who claims to be his brother, but his electronic tag keeps Liam from finding out what's going on.

Liam gets scammed with some pirate DVDs and wrecks the stall where he bought them. Fleeing, he bumps into a woman who thinks he is a mugger. The stallholders leave him to get arrested and Liam is punished with a curfew and electronic tag - if the alarm goes off three times Liam will go to a youth offenders' institute.

Liam is angry that Mike doesn't believe he is innocent, and Elektra wants her DVD money back. A frustrated Liam tries to saw off his tag and make an escape, but Tracy arrives with a letter from someone called Jack who claims to be Liam's brother. A shell-shocked Liam doesn't want to meet him. Nor does he want Mike to know about the letter. So Tracy and Frank go to meet Jack instead.

Meanwhile, Elektra's failure to get her money back from Liam culminates in her moving the entire contents of his bedroom out into the garden - beyond the perimeter of his tag.

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