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Drama set in a children's home. There is an escaped prisoner on the loose and strange things start happening when Tracy is alone with the YP on a dark, stormy night.

Tracy's ability to conquer fear is tested when a storm knocks out the electricity and phone line at the DG, leaving Carmen worried about an escaped prisoner on the loose. Looking after the YP on her own, Tracy gets them telling each other scary stories. Tyler's story frightens Johnny giving everyone a good laugh at Johnny's expense.

Meanwhile, Tee sets about solving an old riddle she finds in the junk cupboard, but the solutions only lead to more hidden riddles. After Tracy locks up and everyone is in bed, Liam and Frank find the front door open. Fearing someone has come in, Tracy instigates a search. No-one is found.

Later, Carmen thinks she sees a stranger and screams. It is put down to imagination but Gus wakes up to find his room has been disturbed.

First shown: 5pm 13 Jan 2012
Available for 29 days Duration 30 mins