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Supernatural drama. Erin goes to the Van Helsings to find out about the super-weapon, but to prove herself she must kill a vampire - her brother, Ryan.

The banished Erin goes to the Van Helsings wanting to find out about the weapon they have to destroy the Draculas - she wants to warn Vlad. After passing a lie detector test she has to dust a vampire to prove herself, and that vampire is her brother, Ryan!

Vlad receives a letter from Erin, explaining that the slayers have a super-weapon to use against him. He consults his family and they tell him not to trust her, but he manages to persuade the count to go with him to the slayer base.

Using cunning Erin frees Ryan, only to find he is fully changed and loyal to Ingrid. Erin lets Vlad and the count into the slayer base and they disable the weapon. Jonno finds out Erin has betrayed him. Vlad persuades Erin to run, but as she is leaving she is kidnapped by a rebellious Bertrand.

First shown: 5.15pm 6 Dec 2011
Available for 10 days Duration 25 mins

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