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Children's drama following Count Dracula's kids, Vlad and Ingrid. Ingrid has hit rock bottom since her near-death experience, and decides to visit a therapist.

Ingrid has hit rock bottom since her near-death experience. On the advice of Miss McCauley, she has a therapy session. The therapist asks Ingrid to look into her past to find herself. The session works and Ingrid is back, but is pretending to be a caring, loving sister and daughter.

Vlad is missing and the count and Bertrand bicker over whose fault it is. Erin leaves because Vlad, her protector, is no longer there. She is persuaded by a desperate Ryan to return to make one last attempt at finding a cure. As she is sneaking a look in the Praedictum Impaver, she gets scratched and the blood produces text in the book.

First shown: 5.15pm 28 Nov 2011
Available for 7 days
Duration 25 mins

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