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Comedy animation. P-Town gets a new TV channel dedicated to pets. But Mother Goose is behind Channel Paw, and she has sinister plans in store for her viewers.

There is a new TV channel in P-Town dedicated to pets and Mother Goose is the station's controller. Through the power of Channel Paw broadcasts, Mother Goose intends to lure all pets away from their owners and to her observatory. Her plan is to return them for nothing less than a crown and full control of P-Town, which she will flatten to make way for Gooseland!

When Chief Delaney's pet pooch Fluffums leaves home and sets off for Mother Goose's abode, Pet Squad are called upon to help - but Bingo has become addicted to the new TV channel too!

First shown: 3:50pm 14 Jul 2011
Available for 25 days Duration 10 mins