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Comedy drama. Roy and Becky have been arguing a lot lately and Maura needs some peace and quiet, so Gran and Grandad offer to take the kids away on a camping weekend.

The O'Brien family are new in town. An ordinary family - well, almost. Roy O' Brien is a little different - he's a cartoon!

Roy and Becky have not been getting along lately; in fact, there have been numerous arguments. Maura decides she needs some peace and quiet so Gran and Grandad come to the rescue, offering to take the kids away on a camping weekend. Maura and Bill will have two days of blissful tranquillity while Roy and Becky will experience all the joys of nature. Things couldn't have worked out better - or could they?

First shown: 4.30pm 23 Sep 2009 Available for 6 days

Duration 28 mins

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