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Animation. Voltar decides to borrow the Quantum Weather Generator at the local high school science fair, but comes up against Skullossus and the military.

Armed with a whole new approach to badness, the League of Super Evil (aka LOSE) follows four bumbling super-villains who have set their sights on nothing less than total neighbourhood domination!

LOSE is helmed by the diminutive Great Voltar, whose grandiose plans are generally miniscule and childlike, and give new meaning to the term 'lowered expectations'. Then there is gadgeteer Doktor Frogg, whose evil genius is diminished only by his incredible bad luck. Bringing the muscle is former Siberian farm boy Reginald 'Red' Menace, who prefers to channel his energy into gardening, cute animals and bouncy castles. And don't forget the completely unpredictable Doomageddon, a pan-dimensional hellhound who brings the term 'bad dog' to a whole new level.

It is the hottest day of summer, and LOSE's air conditioner has frizzled out. Voltar decides to borrow the Quantum Weather Generator, invented by a kid genius, at the local high school science fair. Unfortunately for LOSE, both the military and a powerful super-villain known as Skullossus have the same plan.

First shown: 3.50pm 17 Jul 2009

Expires tomorrow 3:20pm
Duration 11 mins

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