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Animated adventures of an aardvark. Muffy talks Fern into writing poems for her greeting cards venture, but when Fern burns out, can Muffy make writing fun again?

Join Arthur, possibly the world's most famous eight-year-old aardvark, his sisters DW and Kate, and some of their many friends Buster, Francine, the Brain, Muffy, Sue Ellen, Fern, Prunella, and Binky as they encounter the joys and difficulties that all children experience in their adventures through life.

As part of her latest business venture, Muffy talks Fern into writing poems for a new line of greeting cards, and they become the hit of Elwood City. But when booming business causes Fern to burn out, can Fern and Muffy find a way to make writing fun again?

First shown: 3:25pm 24 Apr 2009
Available until Wed 7:15am
Duration 13 mins