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  1. The Story of Tracy Beaker: Episode 9

    The Story of Tracy Beaker -

    Episode 9

    It's sports day at the Dumping Ground, but Tracy has bigger ambitions for Lol.

  2. Jedward's Big Adventure: Hampton Court Part 1

    Jedward's Big Adventure -

    Hampton Court Part 1

    A special bumper edition of the show, set at Hampton Court Palace.

  3. The Dumping Ground: 13. Scary Beasts

    The Dumping Ground -

    13. Scary Beasts

    A face from the past comes back to haunt Faith and brings danger to the Dumping Ground.

  4. The Story of Tracy Beaker: Episode 8

    The Story of Tracy Beaker -

    Episode 8

    Tracy continues to be annoyed by Wilson, but how will she react to his revelation?

  5. All At Sea: 13. Murderer

    All At Sea -

    13. Murderer

    Charlie enlists Ben and Alison's help to get to the bottom of a mystery.

  6. The Dumping Ground: Liam's Story

    The Dumping Ground -

    Liam's Story

    Liam O'Donovan lives with his brother and trains as a plumber, but he has bigger dreams.

  7. Strange Hill High: 14. The End Of Terminator

    Strange Hill High -

    14. The End Of Terminator

    After a technology upgrade, the school delinquents become curiously well behaved.

  8. The Story of Tracy Beaker: Episode 7

    The Story of Tracy Beaker -

    Episode 7

    Drama series about a young girl. Tracy takes an instant dislike to Cam's book agent.

  9. Deadly Pole to Pole: 3. Forces of Nature

    Deadly Pole to Pole -

    3. Forces of Nature

    Steve Backshall and his crew explore the elemental furies of fire, ice, water and wind.

  10. Hank Zipzer: 13. The First Date Dilemma

    Hank Zipzer -

    13. The First Date Dilemma

    Hank falls in love with Zoe, a pupil in Mr Rock's additional reading class.

  11. All At Sea: 12. Chips

    All At Sea -

    12. Chips

    When Roy comes to stay for a few days, he's concerned Charlie will get him into trouble.

  12. The Dumping Ground: 12. Esme

    The Dumping Ground -

    12. Esme

    An exotic rich girl gives Carmen the chance to run away to Rio with her.

  13. Strange Hill High: 12. Becky vs Bocky

    Strange Hill High -

    12. Becky vs Bocky

    Becky runs for class president, with the help of a giant clay version of herself.

  14. The Story of Tracy Beaker: Episode 6

    The Story of Tracy Beaker -

    Episode 6

    The little kids set up The Beaker Club in Tracy's honour.

  15. Rocket's Island: 2. Brandon and the Beast

    Rocket's Island -

    2. Brandon and the Beast

    The kids at school turn against Brandon.

  16. Junior Vets: Episode 2

    Junior Vets -

    Episode 2

    The junior vets join the emergency response team at the races.

  17. The Dumping Ground: 11. Seriously Funny

    The Dumping Ground -

    11. Seriously Funny

    When a big practical joke backfires, Tyler decides it's time he grew up.

  18. Strange Hill High: 11. Lucky Becky

    Strange Hill High -

    11. Lucky Becky

    Becky becomes the school's rabbit mascot, and discovers the costume has strange powers.

  19. Horrible Histories: Episode 2

    Horrible Histories -

    Episode 2

    A pirate regrets stealing a herd of cows and King Charles II raps about his lifestyle.

  20. Deadly Pole to Pole: 1. Arctic

    Deadly Pole to Pole -

    1. Arctic

    Steve Backshall boards an Arctic icebreaker and begins his global journey.

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