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  1. All At Sea: 6. Carwash

    All At Sea -

    6. Carwash

    When Charlie breaks the microwave, he needs a plan to make money for repairs.

  2. All At Sea: 7. Gymnast

    All At Sea -

    7. Gymnast

    Charlie, Ben and Alison pretend Ben is a visiting Czech gymnast.

  3. All At Sea: 8. Piano

    All At Sea -

    8. Piano

    Mum and dad are preparing for some special visitors.

  4. All At Sea: 9. Rabbit

    All At Sea -

    9. Rabbit

    Charlie thinks he's found the perfect way to make money.

  5. All At Sea: 10. Bee Boy

    All At Sea -

    10. Bee Boy

    Charlie attempts to win a signed copy of his favourite comic in a competition.

  6. Deadly Pole to Pole: 4. Shark Special

    Deadly Pole to Pole -

    4. Shark Special

    Steve Backshall visits the Bahamas, Hawaii and Mexico to swim with sharks.

  7. Deadly Pole to Pole: 1. Killer Cold

    Deadly Pole to Pole -

    1. Killer Cold

    Steve Backshall discovers how animals survive subzero temperatures.

  8. The Dumping Ground Survival Files: 2. Being the Boss

    The Dumping Ground Survival Files -

    2. Being the Boss

    Faith's video blog looks at what it takes to be the boss.

  9. The Dumping Ground: 6. The Real Faith Davis

    The Dumping Ground -

    6. The Real Faith Davis

    Wicked whispers fly when the police come to see Faith, who won't say why.

  10. The Dumping Ground: 7. The Truth Is Out There

    The Dumping Ground -

    7. The Truth Is Out There

    After bad exam results, Frank denounces school and gets himself a job in a cafe.

  11. The Dumping Ground: 8. Dreamland

    The Dumping Ground -

    8. Dreamland

    Rick's dad turns up full of promises about a happy family future.

  12. The Dumping Ground: 9. A Day in the Past

    The Dumping Ground -

    9. A Day in the Past

    Class war ensues when the young people become Edwardian masters and servants for a day.

  13. The Dumping Ground: 10. Oh, Mo!

    The Dumping Ground -

    10. Oh, Mo!

    Tee takes strange, eccentric new boy, Mo, under her wing.

  14. Hank Zipzer: 1. Classroom Catastrophe

    Hank Zipzer -

    1. Classroom Catastrophe

    Ms Adolf gives the pupils an assignment to write an essay about their summer holidays.

  15. Hank Zipzer: 2. The Lucky Socks

    Hank Zipzer -

    2. The Lucky Socks

    Hank finds himself forced to try out for the Yellow House softball team.

  16. Hank Zipzer: 3. The Curtain Went Up, My Trousers Went Down

    Hank Zipzer -

    3. The Curtain Went Up, My Trousers Went Down

    Ms Adolf assigns goody two-shoes Heather to be Hank's maths tutor.

  17. Hank Zipzer: 4. Battle of the Goblins

    Hank Zipzer -

    4. Battle of the Goblins

    Hank accidentally breaks his and Frankie's latest science project.

  18. Hank Zipzer: 5. Haunted Hank

    Hank Zipzer -

    5. Haunted Hank

    Hank decides to make the world's scariest haunted house.

  19. Hank Zipzer: 6. The War of Words

    Hank Zipzer -

    6. The War of Words

    Rosa signs Stan and Hank up for the school debate competition.

  20. Hank Zipzer: 7. The Day I Flunked Chemistry

    Hank Zipzer -

    7. The Day I Flunked Chemistry

    Hank hides his learning difficulties from the new boy.

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