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    1. Lost & Found Music Studios

      21. Last Shot

      The girls swap a band member with the boys and Leia schemes to keep Luke and Maggie apart.

      23 Mins

      Available for 29 days

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    1. Wolfblood

      Series 5 Preview

      With the secret out, Jana and her pack face the biggest challenge of their lives.

      3 Mins

      Available until Mon 4:30pm

    2. Got What It Takes?

      Series 2: 3. Calum Scott in the House

      The eight young singers adapt a rock song by Imagine Dragons to their own style.

      35 Mins

      Available for 29 days

    1. Nowhere Boys - The Book of Shadows

      All New

      The boys are drawn together when Felix unwittingly releases a powerful force of chaos.

      27 Mins

      Available until Mon 10:20am

    2. My Life

      Series 8: 6. Our Desert Island Home

      Documentary following the adventures of two brothers who live on an island in Tonga.

      35 Mins

      Available for 29 days

    1. 4 o'Clock Club

      Wild Things


      The 4 O’Clock Club crew deliver an exciting lip dub performance of Wild Things

      4 Mins

      Available until Thu 11:59pm

    2. Remotely Funny

      Series 1: 7. India

      Saara is in India where she connects three contestants from the UK for games and mayhem.

      23 Mins

      Available for 29 days

    1. Dragons

      Race to the Edge: 6. Gone Gustav Gone

      When Gustav is captured, it's up to Hiccup and the dragon riders to get him back.

      22 Mins

      Available for 6 days

    2. The Dumping Ground

      Series 5: 6. Faking It

      Opportunity knocks for Floss but facing the cameras means facing her fears.

      28 Mins

      Available for 28 days

    1. Danger Mouse

      1. Danger Mouse Begins... Again!

      Danger Mouse is dismissed for destroying half of London.

      23 Mins

      Available for 29 days

    2. My Life

      Series 7: 4. The Boy on the Bicycle

      Sixteen-year-old Syrian Ahmed gives a guided tour of his home, a refugee camp in Jordan.

      29 Mins

      Available for 26 days

    1. The Dengineers

      Series 2: 7. Eco Den

      The team build 11-year-old Whitney her very own den to answer all her eco needs.

      28 Mins

      Available for 29 days

    2. How to Train Your Dragon 2

      When they discover a secret cave, it is up to Hiccup and Toothless to protect the peace.

      102 Mins

      Available until Sun 11am

    1. Wolfblood Secrets

      8. Morwal


      Tension rises as Jones delves into a subject Jana would rather avoid - the Morwal.

      15 Mins

      Available for 30 days

    2. The Worst Witch

      7. The Best Teacher

      Mildred learns not to take shortcuts when a wisdom spell goes wrong.

      28 Mins

      Available for 27 days