Films - Highlights

    1. BBC

      Adam Curtis


      Welcome to the post-truth world. You know it’s not real. But you accept it as normal.

      166 Mins

      Available for over a year

    2. BBC Four

      Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes

      A detective is thrown into the mystery of a politician's disappearance five years earlier.

      90 Mins

      Available for 23 days

    1. BBC Two

      The Magdalene Sisters

      Three young women are sent to a Magdalene sisterhood asylum run by sadistic nuns.

      111 Mins

      Available until Mon 2:20am

    2. BBC Two

      Midnight's Children

      Two newborn babies are swapped in a hospital, doomed to live each other's life.

      133 Mins

      Available until Mon 2:25am

    1. BBC Two

      Borrowed Time

      A dopey teenage delinquent forms an unlikely bond with a curmudgeonly recluse.

      83 Mins

      Available for 24 days

    2. BBC Four


      2016-2017: 1. Moazzam Begg: Living the War on Terror

      A former Guantanamo detainee chronicles the rise of jihad and its descent into terror.

      85 Mins

      Available for 24 days

    1. BBC Two

      Wonder Boys

      Comic drama about a troubled professor suffering from writer's block.

      103 Mins

      Available for 18 days

    2. BBC One

      Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out

      Wallace and Gromit blast off in a homemade rocket to see if the moon is made of cheese.

      23 Mins

      Available for 16 days

    1. BBC Two

      Begin Again

      A former music company producer and a talented singer-songwriter start to collaborate.

      104 Mins

      Available for 17 days

    2. BBC

      Adam Curtis

      Bitter Lake


      An adventurous and epic film by Adam Curtis.

      137 Mins

      Available for over a year

    1. BBC Two

      X the Unknown

      A radioactive mud-like substance terrorises a Scottish village during the 1950s.

      76 Mins

      Expires tomorrow 3am

    2. BBC Two


      A young gang of bullies are terrorised by the vengeful spirit of their last victim.

      86 Mins

      Available until Wed 1:35am

    1. BBC Two

      Wuthering Heights

      Last Chance

      Powerful 1939 screen adaptation of Emily Bronte's story of the tragic love affair.

      100 Mins

      Expires today 10:25am

    2. BBC Two

      Till the End of Time

      A discharged GI returns to his hometown after four years with the Marines in the Pacific.

      100 Mins

      Available for 23 days

    1. BBC ALBA

      As An Eilean (From the Island)

      Two very different love stories set in a remote Scottish island community.

      95 Mins

      Available for 22 days

    2. BBC Four


      2014-2015: 8. Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds


      How magician James Randi has debunked faith healers, fortune tellers and psychics.

      85 Mins

      Available for 11 months