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      1. Film


        BAFTA winning drama. A moving refugee story, told in reverse

        A British family head on holiday under what turns out to be a ruse of a sinister nature.

        20 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 28 days

      2. Food


        15/25 The last 12 chefs get a taste of professional cooking

        The remaining 12 contestants get their first taste of professional cooking.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      1. Current affairs

        Panorama: Trump's First 100 Days

        A whirlwind three months

        Jeremy Paxman crosses the US for an examination of the President's first days in office.

        60 Mins BBC One

        Available for 11 months

      2. Period Drama


        1/10 Death, scandal; is someone out to eclipse the Sun King?

        New Series

        Return of the sumptuous period drama depicting the turbulent early reign of Louis XIV.

        55 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 26 days

      1. Sci-Fi

        Doctor Who

        1/12 The Pilot. Two hearts, one hero. He's back.

        New Series

        The Doctor shows Bill an infinitely exciting universe - but what's his mission on Earth?

        50 Mins BBC One

        Available for 3 months

      2. Comedy

        Peter Kay's Car Share: Series 2

        Full series. Back...together?

        Full Series

        After moving in with her sister Kayleigh now travels to work alone, but for how long?

        27 Mins BBC One

        Available for 1 month

  3. More to watch

      1. Crime Drama


        Ep 3, Part 2: With the clock ticking, Mathias goes it alone

        Desperate to find a missing boy, Mathias breaks protocol and sets off into the mountains.

        32 Mins BBC One

        Available for 23 days

      2. Comedy

        Movies & Megastars

        Chris Pratt prank call

        The star of Guardians of the Galaxy pranks a pet shop, for Matt Edmondson's AlphabetiCall

        4 Mins BBC Radio 1

        Available for 11 months

      1. News

        MP for a Day: Who cares about politics?

        If LaTifah and Chiara spend the day as an MP, could they get to grips with politics?

        20 Mins BBC

        Available for 29 days

      2. Science

        Horizon: ADHD and Me with Rory Bremner

        His personal journey with ADHD

        Rory sets out to uncover the science of this complex condition, which he suspects he has.

        60 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

      1. Entertainment

        Top Gear

        7/7 Monster 8-wheel vehicles and car-to-yacht makeovers

        Rory turns the world's ugliest car into a yacht and Chris reviews the Porsche Cayman.

        60 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 26 days

      2. Film

        The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

        Based on a horrifying reality

        Two boys become unlikely friends through the fence of a Nazi concentration camp.

        88 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 21 days

      1. Comedy

        Cuckoo: Series 1

        Full series. The son-in-law who's a New Age nightmare

        Full Series

        Ken (Greg Davies) tries to keep cool when Cuckoo (Adam Sandberg) bursts into his life.

        30 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 27 days

      2. Drama


        Full series. Darkness lurks beneath the glamour

        Full Series

        In the first year of uni, two best friends find themselves drawn to an elite clique.

        43 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 4 months

      1. Documentary

        Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad

        Life after losing his wife

        Last Chance

        A year on from the death of his wife Rebecca, Rio shares what came next.

        58 Mins BBC One

        Expires tomorrow 11:45pm

      2. Documentary

        Stacey Dooley Investigates

        Young Sex for Sale in Japan

        Stacey Dooley examines Japan's problem with the sexualisation of children.

        56 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 4 months

      1. Film

        Storyville: Last Days of Solitary

        A risky attempt at reform

        Last Chance

        How Maine Prison scaled back one of the central planks of the US penal system.

        80 Mins BBC Four

        Expires tonight 3:45am

      2. Documentary

        Colombia with Simon Reeve

        Gangs, drugs and beauty

        Simon heads to one of Earth's most spectacular countries - with a very precarious future.

        59 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 23 days