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      1. Documentary

        Reggie Yates: Hidden Australia

        1/2 Black in the Outback

        Why do Australia's indigenous people suffer extreme social deprivation and inequality?

        47 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 5 months

      2. Crime Drama

        Death in Paradise

        3/8 A death at the remote Hotel Cecile

        Humphrey and Martha's romantic weekend is disrupted by the murder of the hotel owner.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      1. Comedy

        Jack Dee's HelpDesk

        US Presidential Inauguration 2017

        Jack Dee turns agony uncle to ease the studio audience into the new Trump administration.

        30 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

      2. Crime Drama


        3/3 The Final Problem

        Box Set

        Alone and defenceless, Sherlock and Dr Watson face their greatest ever challenge.

        90 Mins BBC One

        Available for 25 days

      1. Nature

        Spy in the Wild

        2/5 Intelligence. Daring trickery, tools and subtefuge

        Spy Bushbaby infiltrates the chimpanzees and Spy Ostrich Chick joins some hatchlings.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Science


        Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth

        Could the food you eat 'clean' your body? Dr Giles Yeo investigates the diet craze.

        60 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

  3. More to watch

      1. Comedy

        Common Sense

        2/6 Regular Brits offer their take on the news

        East End market traders, Mancunian nail technicians and others share their thoughts.

        29 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 28 days

      2. Sport

        The Premier League Show

        Hull City and West Brom

        Gabby Logan presents from Hull and speaks to their new manager Marco Silva.

        29 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 6 days

      1. Comedy

        Scot Squad

        3/6 Flashing the blue light and curtailing criminality

        Traffic officer McKirdy regrets going commando and seeks out reinforcement undergarments.

        30 Mins BBC One

        Available for 28 days

      2. CBBC

        Millie Inbetween

        Series 3: 7. Millie in the Mirror

        Millie helps Craig get his self-confidence back - but what can she do about her own?

        28 Mins CBBC

        Available for 29 days

      1. Film

        The Ring

        Naomi Watts stars in this US remake of the cult horror flick

        A journalist investigates a videotape which allegedly claims the life of its viewers.

        104 Mins BBC One

        Available until Sun 1:45am

      2. Music

        Radio 1 Live Music

        Best of Future Festival 2017

        The best of Radio 1's Future Festival 2017, showcasing the most exciting new artists.

        33 Mins BBC Radio 1

        Available for 29 days

      1. Lifestyle

        The Great Interior Design Challenge

        9. Final: Converted Castle

        Between the designers and the title stands a daunting triple challenge in a mock castle.

        59 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

      2. Comedy

        Murder in Successville

        1/6 Celebs try to solve a murder - and keep a straight face

        Box Set

        DI Sleet (Tom Davis) gets celebrity sidekicks to help him combat crime in a surreal city.

        29 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 1 month

      1. Comedy


        1/3 A stag do turns messy in this dark comedy thriller

        Box Set

        A deer-stalking weekend sees the hunters become the prey in the Scottish Highlands...

        59 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 9 days

      2. Comedy

        Delete, Delete, Delete

        Chris Hollins, Deirdre O'Kane and Alex James join Patrick

        From booze-smuggling underwear to unusual cheese usage, this lot have lots to answer for.

        30 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      1. Film

        Storyville: Zero Days - Nuclear Cyber Sabotage

        The Pandora's box of cyberwar

        How a clandestine mission allegedly unleashed malware which spread way beyond its target.

        90 Mins BBC Four

        Available for 26 days

      2. Arts

        Film 2017

        1. Jackie, Lion, Split

        The team look at biopic Jackie, adoption drama Lion and psychological thriller Split.

        34 Mins BBC One

        Available for 28 days