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      1. Film


        Forever Pure - Football and Racism in Jerusalem

        Following the only club in the Israeli Premier League never to sign an Arab player.

        85 Mins BBC Four

        Available for 28 days

      2. Comedy

        Two Doors Down

        3/6 Uninvited guests ruin Sunday lunch

        Beth's hopes of a traditional Sunday collapse when the neighbours start to arrive.

        30 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

      1. Nature

        Planet Earth II

        5/6 Grasslands - sunny savannah to frozen tundra

        An unforgiving habitat where the wildlife must undergo extraordinary adapations.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 28 days

      2. History

        Who Do You Think You Are?

        2/10 Amanda Holden

        The actress uncovers an extraordinary Napoleonic-era cross-channel romance.

        58 Mins BBC One

        Available for 25 days

      1. History

        Titanic's Tragic Twin: The Britannic Disaster

        An untold story of disaster

        How the Britannic suffered a near-identical fate to its famous sister, four years on.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Sport

        Match of the Day

        Saturday: Manchester City v Chelsea

        Plus highlights of West Ham v Arsenal, Spurs v Swansea and Crystal Palace v Southampton.

        85 Mins BBC One

        Available until Sat 11:44pm

  3. More to watch

      1. Lifestyle

        Get Muscly In A Month

        Could you make it as a bodybuilder?

        Will a hardcore diet and exercise regime get Radio 1's Adele Roberts competition ready?

        18 Mins BBC Radio 1

        Available for 11 months

      2. Crime Drama


        1/8 A criminal profiler's daughter witnesses a murder

        A snowy Swedish Christmas is shattered by a series of brutal killings.

        45 Mins BBC Four

        Available for 20 days

      1. Comedy

        Walliams & Friend

        2/6 With Harry Enfield

        Harry is David Walliams' 'friend', as they act as royalty in Who Does One Think One Is.

        29 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Period Drama

        Close to the Enemy

        1/7 A German scientist needs convincing to work with the RAF

        New Series

        With the impending Cold War, the jet engine must be developed for national security.

        60 Mins BBC Two

        Available until Mon 12:05am

      1. Arts

        Turner Prize

        2016: Live from Tate Britain

        The Turner Prize 2016 - one of the best known visual art prizes, live from Tate Britain.

        30 Mins BBC Four

        Available for 29 days

      2. Sport

        Usain Bolt: Born to Run

        What is life like for the fastest man in the world?

        BBC News meets Jamaica's national treasure fresh from his Rio 2016 success.

        30 Mins BBC News

        Available for 27 days

      1. History

        Project Children: Defusing the Troubles

        How a bomb-disposal expert brought Northern Irish children together for a summer of peace

        90 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Entertainment

        Movies & Megastars

        Christmas with Jen

        Matt Edmondson finds out about Christmas with Jennifer Aniston.

        10 Mins BBC Radio 1

        Available for 26 days

      1. Documentary

        Black is the New Black

        1/4 With Naomi Campbell and Sir Trevor McDonald

        Box Set

        Black Britons share insights into first and second generation immigrant experiences.

        29 Mins BBC Two

        Available until Fri 10:30pm

      2. Entertainment

        Angela Scanlon's Close Encounters!

        1/5 Seamus

        Box Set

        The presenter meets a range of performers as they each prepare for a very special event.

        40 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 1 month

      1. Sport

        FA Cup Catch-Up

        2016/17: 2. Second Round


        Catch up with all the goals, highlights, fun moments & more from the FA Cup second round.

        10 Mins BBC Sport

        Available for 28 days

      2. Film

        Ill Manors

        A glimpse into the turbulent lives of eight urban Londoners

        Small-time drug dealer Aaron is dragged into the criminal underbelly of a London estate.

        114 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 27 days