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      1. Period Drama

        Call the Midwife

        5/8 There's a new recruit at Nonnatus House

        Series 6: Episode 5

        Nurse Valerie Dyer joins the team, and a vulnerable young man captures hearts.

        Nonnatus House welcomes a new recruit, and a young man captures Fred and Violet's hearts.

        60 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Sport

        FA Cup Catch Up

        FA Cup Catch-Up

        Highlights from the Fifth Round

        2016/17: Fifth Round


        Catch up with all the best moments and more from the FA Cup fifth round.

        10 Mins BBC Sport

        Available for 29 days

      1. Documentary

        Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week

        ROK UDT - South Korea

        Series 2: 4. ROK UDT - South Korea

        Now halfway through their 'week', the recruits face unorthodox underwater training.

        The 14 recruits are halfway through but about to face their toughest expert yet.

        59 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

      2. Entertainment

        Let It Shine

        The semi-finals begin, plus a performance from Take That

        Episode 7

        The remaining boys must show their dancing skills as viewers vote for their favourite.

        Take That perform with the contestants, before the boys are tested on their dance skills.

        60 Mins BBC One

        Available for 28 days

      1. Comedy

        This Country

        2/6 Mandy. Kerry's neighbour sets up a tattoo business

        2. Mandy

        Meanwhile, Kurtan fixates on trying to track down a long-lost school friend.

        Kurtan fixates on trying to track down a long-lost school friend.

        23 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 5 months

      2. Entertainment

        Dragons' Den

        Series 14: Episode 15

        A whizz-kid pitches a dating app but will it be a match made in heaven with the Dragons?

        59 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

  3. More to watch

      1. History

        Who Do You Think You Are?

        8/10 Warwick Davis

        Series 13: 8. Warwick Davis

        The actor finds humanity and humour in some uncomfortable family stories.

        Actor Warwick Davis finds humanity and humour in some uncomfortable stories.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 25 days

      2. Comedy

        Not Going Out

        Charlie. Has he earned himself a bad reputation at school?

        Series 8: 5. Charlie

        Lee is worried that Charlie has become a menace at school, playing the class clown.

        Lee is worried that Charlie is getting a reputation at school for being the class clown.

        30 Mins BBC One

        Available for 27 days

      1. Period Drama


        1/4 Story of slavery, with Forest Whitaker and Malachi Kirby

        Episode 1

        Drama about an unbowed African slave and his descendants in 1700s America.

        Kunta Kinte is kidnapped, sold to English slave traders and brought to Maryland in the US.

        99 Mins BBC Four

        Available for 18 days

      2. Crime Drama

        Death in Paradise

        7/8 New evidence emerges that could quash an old conviction

        Series 6: Episode 7

        A tourist's alibi for a convicted woman forces the team to reopen an old murder case.

        The team are forced to reopen a seven-year-old murder case.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 26 days

      1. CBBC

        Shrek Forever After

        Starring Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy

        Shrek gets more than he bargained for when he signs a contract with Rumpelstiltskin.

        85 Mins CBBC

        Available until Sun 1:40pm

      2. Documentary

        How Police Missed the Grindr Killer

        Why police failed to link the murders of four gay men until weeks after the last death.

        46 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 5 months

      1. Arts

        The Big Painting Challenge

        2/6 Landscape

        Series 1: 2. Landscape

        The nine remaining amateurs must battle the elements in Hastings as they paint outdoors.

        The artists are on the south coast to tackle landscapes around Hastings pier.

        58 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Documentary

        Levine on Love

        2/3 Three's Not A Crowd. Exploring polyamorous relationships

        Three's Not A Crowd

        How apps and online communities are supporting the growth of multi-person relationships.

        Alice Levine looks at polyamory - having multiple romantic partners at once.

        15 Mins BBC Radio 1

        Available for 11 months

      1. Drama

        Apple Tree Yard

        Full series. An affair spirals dangerously out of control

        Series 1: Episode 1

        Box Set

        An eminent scientist finds herself caught up in a damaging and compromising lie.

        A doctor has an affair with an enigmatic stranger and begins to suspect more is at play.

        60 Mins BBC One

        Available for 16 days

      2. Comedy

        People Just Do Nothing

        Series 3. Tune into Kurupt FM

        Series 3: 1. Dubplate

        Box Set

        Grindah and the boys try to make it big with their west London pirate radio station.

        The Kurupt FM boys decide to make a new track, and Miche looks for a wedding venue.

        30 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 22 days

      1. Documentary

        Beauty Queen and Single

        Can Gemma find a connection that's more than just skin deep?

        A beauty queen has a makeunder before going on dates, while her friends keep close watch.

        A beauty queen changes her style to try to find a connection that is more than skin deep.

        30 Mins BBC One

        Available for 24 days

      2. CBBC

        Nowhere Boys - The Book of Shadows

        All New

        The boys are drawn together when Felix unwittingly releases a powerful force of chaos.

        27 Mins CBBC

        Available for 6 days