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  1. Today's picks

      1. Comedy

        Asian Provocateur

        Mum's American Dream: 3. Brother Dinesh

        Romesh Ranganathan and his mum go on a tour of the Deep South with Romesh's brother Dinesh

        29 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 5 months

      2. Sci-fi


        1/8 For Tonight We Might Die. Brand new Doctor Who spin-off

        New Series

        When monsters attack their school, four students are forced to form an unlikely alliance.

        45 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 11 months

      1. Crime Drama

        The Missing

        3/8 A Prison Without Walls

        The Webster family face another blow, while Julien receives a frosty reception in Paris.

        60 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Sport

        The Premier League Show

        Gary Lineker in New York

        Gary Lineker talks to premier league legends Patrick Vieira and Frank Lampard .

        29 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 6 days

      1. Drama

        Ordinary Lies

        1/6 Secrets they are desperate to hide start to unravel

        New Series

        A fresh array of characters have to face up to truths and consequences

        58 Mins BBC One

        Available for 21 days

      2. Science & Nature


        2016: Episode 3

        Martin Hughes-Games goes on a live sound safari.

        60 Mins BBC Two

        Available for 29 days

  2. More to watch

      1. Documentary

        Saving Africa's Elephants: Hugh and the Ivory War

        1/2 Following the ivory trail

        Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall tracks the trade routes used by illegal ivory smugglers.

        59 Mins BBC One

        Available for 29 days

      2. Documentary

        American High School: Straight Outta Orangeburg

        2/6 'Two Dollar Bills'

        Follow the lives of students and teachers at Orangeburg-Wilkinson School, South Carolina.

        46 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 5 months

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      2. Film

        Adam Curtis


        Welcome to the post-truth world. You know it’s not real. But you accept it as normal.

        166 Mins BBC

        Available for over a year

      1. Documentary

        Sex, Drugs & Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone

        Complicated Love

        BBC Three revisits the women who work in the 'managed' red light zone in Holbeck, Leeds.

        16 Mins BBC Three

        Available for 11 months

      2. Sport

        NFL This Week

        Week 7

        The latest American football action from the current NFL season.

        50 Mins BBC Sport

        Available for 29 days

      1. Music

        Live Lounge

        James Arthur

        James Arthur performs his single ‘Say You Won’t Let Go ’ as well as an Emeli Sandé cover.

        10 Mins BBC Radio 1

        Available for 28 days

      2. Crime Drama

        The Fall

        1/6 She's caught him. Now she has to prove his guilt

        New Series

        Paul Spector is rushed to Belfast General Hospital where staff fight to keep him alive.

        59 Mins BBC Two

        Available until Sat 10pm

      1. Drama

        The Code

        1/6 The Australian thriller returns for a second series

        New Series

        Ned and Jesse are enlisted to track down the man behind a notorious "dark web" bazaar.

        55 Mins BBC Four

        Available for 25 days

      2. Current Affairs


        Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes

        Sweatshop labour - exposing the ugly truth behind some of the UK's high street fashion.

        29 Mins BBC One

        Available for 11 months

      1. Film


        1/3 Fatal Experiments: The Downfall of a Supersurgeon

        Paolo Macchiarini has been accused of using terminally ill patients as guinea pigs.

        60 Mins BBC Four

        Available for 28 days

      2. Documentary

        Transgender Love

        Following the personal stories of six trans men and women

        Transgender people living in Scotland share their relationship struggles.

        60 Mins BBC One

        Available for 27 days