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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - West Midlands: Monday 28th October, 2002


Adrian Golberg performing at the Glee Club

If the best joke you can muster is a half remembered 'knock-knock' joke with a forgotten punch line then read on.

Inside Out’s Adrian Goldberg swaps presenting for standup and tests his comedic flair in Birmingham’s top comedy venue, The Glee Club.

With the help of Janice Connolly, alias Barbara Nice, her comedy persona, Adrian gets some vital comedy coaching.

Make 'em laugh

All comedians, even the greats had to start somewhere and for Adrian it’s an open mike night.

The novice comedians draw to see who will get prime position. Or rather, who won’t get the dreaded positions of first or last.

Adrian Goldberg
Nervous Adrian gets his first taste of stand up

Adrian picks well, he’s third, but that does little to ease his nerves.

"They can heckle me. They can boo me. They can drag me off stage. It’s their right,"
says Adrian.

Barbara Nice does little to reassure;

"[Standup] It’s like paying to go on a ride at Blackpool .. you’re on it, you’ve got to go down all these big dips. You're thinking I shouldn't really have got on this ride."

Armed with his water pistol and some tried and trusted jokes, Adrian goes down well with the audience, particularly his more topical gags;

"Don’t you feel sorry for John Major? I do. I mean I’ve had a curry - it’s never repeated on me 14 years later."

Buoyed up by his success, Adrian is a little dismayed at Janice’s suggestion of ditching the water pistol and trying to write some more original material.

Top tips for great gags

Whether your thinking of taking to the stage yourself, or you could just do with a funny gag to impress in the pub, Inside Out has the top tips guaranteed to raise a titter!

Original material
Audiences have excellent memories for funny gags so refrain wherever possible from pinching jokes from your favourite comedian. You may raise a laugh but you won’t get much respect on the comedy circuit.
Observational comedy
Professional comedian Ed Byrne recommends contradiction as a means of turning everyday observations into comedy. "I really love my girlfriend. I can’t stand to see her hurt or in pain. If she falls over and hurts her knee I almost wish her pain was my pain - just to stop her moaning about it!"
'Isms’ are out
Steer clear of sexism, racism and any other ‘isms’ you care to mention, they do not go down well.
Rude jokes
Cheap or crude jokes eventually become tiresome - although obviously no-one has mentioned this to Roy 'Chubby' Brown!
Practice makes perfect
It is a good idea to have your set memorised inside out and back to front. There is nothing worse than getting on stage and completely drying up.
Don’t give up your day job
All comedians die on stage at some point in the career. If you find yourself dying on a regular basis it may be time to call it a day and leave it to the experts - at least they're getting paid!

Even with all the advice, Adrian proves comedic flair is not necessarily something that can be taught.

His new set receives a luke warm reception at Sedgely Working Man’s club, whilst he is heckled off stage at The Glee Club, where Adrian performs to an audience of over 400.

Don't call us ..

Adrian manages to remain remarkably philosophical about his stand up experience;

"You’ve got to be brave. You’ve got to be funny. I’m brave. I’m not sure I’m funny enough."

So let Adrian’s experience serve as a warning to all you budding comedians.

Humour is a very personal thing and just because you can raise a giggle with your latest nun gag in the pub, it doesn’t necessarily mean you're the next Billy Connolly!

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