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24 September 2014
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   Inside Out - West: Friday February 2, 2007
Radio broadcasters
United on the airwaves - Jews and Muslims

Radio harmony

It's the oldest conflict in the world... from David and Goliath to the hills of Lebanon, Jews and Muslims have been at war.

But in Bristol the two sides are making peace over the airwaves.

Inside Out West looks at the world's first radio station made jointly by Jews and Muslims.

Bridging the gap

Watch the world news, and you’d think that Jews and Muslims are two races which never speak to each other.

Yet their words for peace are almost identical - "Salaam" and

Back in 2006 two Bristolians decided to bridge the gap with radio.

A moderate Muslim called Farooq Sidique, from the Bristol Muslim Cultural Association, met Martin, a progressive Jew, who works with students at the University of Bristol.

Girls shopping
Shopping together - Georgia and Shabana

They wondered if a joint radio station could tell the world about what the two faiths have in common.

Farooq is very positive about he meeting of the two religions:

"Who'd have thought this would happen in Bristol?

"You know how everyone felt after the Berlin Wall came down?

"Well for years we've had this wall between us - and now its coming down. It's extraordinary."

The station has brought together two young women who were strangers, and strangers to each other's faith.

Georgia and Shabana will now present a funky fusion show celebrating food, music and culture.

We followed them shopping for Kosher and Halal sausages, and sharing each others religious services.

Following the experiment

Inside Out West's cameras have been following the experiment throughout.

It's been quite a rollercoaster journey for the radio station.

On air - the two communities come together

First the technical kit was dropped by the delivery company and wrecked.

Then the American Station Manager, recruited for his world class experience in faith based radio, quit unexpectedly.

With just three weeks till launch, they had no kit and no boss.

On Thursday February 1, 2007 the station finally hit the air.

The first broadcast went well and the station promises much for the future and for race relations.

But can it bridge the gulf in the longer term?

And can the voices of moderate Jews and Muslims penetrate the storm of global extremism?

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