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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - West: Archive

Marvin ReesSeries 11 (September 2006 - January 2007)

Climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming across England, and asks if the situation is as dire as many scientists predict.

Nature and climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming on wildlife across England. Plus photo gallery

Energy and climate change
Inside Out West explores how our region is leading the way in one of the most important debates facing mankind - how we should generate and use energy in our homes?

Legacy of slavery?
Social commentator and journalist Marvin Rees argues that Bristol remains "racially fractured".

Public toilets
Adam Hart-Davis investigates the demise of public toilets and asks, "Are you prepared to pay to pee?"

Rape is a crime that is particularly traumatic for the victim. But why are so few rapists caught in Gloucestershire?

Lyme Disease
If you go down to the woods, you could be in for a big surprise - and a very unpleasant one at that. A tiny tick, which is carried on deer, can result in Lyme Disease.

The Gambia's Fire Brigade
Call the Fire Brigade in the African nation of The Gambia, and you won't believe your eyes. The red fire engine that screams up your road is badged "Avon Fire Brigade".

Radio and religion
Inside Out West looks at the world's first radio station made jointly by Jews and Muslims.

Comedy stand-up
Former supermarket checkout operator Jane Gilchrist accepted our challenge to think up, write and perform a stand up comedy routine live on stage alongside professional comedians at Jongleurs in Bristol.

Mobile speed guns
Inside Out first exposed a possible flaw with the mobile speed guns back in 2005. We investigate the latest situation.

Eco friendly home
We meet a woman who is using the web to go 'eco-friendly' and furnish her house for free.

Series 10 (Autumn 2006)

Making it in the music industry
It's every musician's dream - to get signed to an elusive record deal and make it on the international stage. But how do you put yourself in pole position to make the big time? Plus music biz web guide

Inside Out West has a big challenge for intrepid naturalist Mike Dilger. He has just one day to make a feature about the wildlife of Steep Holm island in the Bristol Channel. Plus photo gallery

There's an underground movement of people who are getting fed up with the boom in consumerism. And they're fighting back by changing the messages on the billboards. Plus photo gallery

The Wurzels plus solar panels
Tony Blackburn celebrates the 40th anniversary of Somerset's cider drinking superstars. Plus we investigate a company who have been taking the shine out of solar power.

Education special
Bristol's schools are being "strangled by the dead hand of bureaucracy", according to the former Chief Inspector of Schools, Chris Woodhead.

Children's hospice
Go inside the new hospice development in Bristol with Noel Edmonds and 13-year-old Sophie Johnson. Plus photo gallery

Actress Rebekah Gibbs is used to dealing with crises in her role as the paramedic Nina Farr in the BBC drama Casualty. Now she's training for a real life emergency with the Royal Navy's helicopter pilots at the Yeovilton air base in Somerset. Plus interview

Bob Dylan photographs
Inside Out West tracks down previously unseen photographs taken of legendary singer songwriter Bob Dylan. Visit our exclusive web gallery of pictures taken by Barry Feinstein, the official photographer on Dylan's 1966 UK tour.

Series 9 (January-March 2006)

Underground art, and the priest and the London bombings
Deep underground in Wiltshire, a huge network of tunnels revels some stunning art works. And we speak to a parish priest whose faith has been tested since her daughter was killed in the London Tube bombings.

Crimea's music, Frankie Howerd, and theatre fraudster
The story of a partially blind man with Tourettes Syndrome – and his battle to be taken seriously as a talented composer. Plus a peak inside the house where Frankie Howerd used to escape. And we unmask a theatrical fraudster.

Tough wheelchairs, DJ Derek, and the Victoria Cross
Making wheelchairs for tough terrain. Derek Morris is a 64 year old former accountant who's become a cult hero in the world of Jamaican Reggae! Plus the story of the lost Victoria Cross.

Bristol regeneration, motorcycle diaries, and husky rally
Bristol is going through its biggest regeneration programme since the end of the Second World War. Plus the motorbike mad couple on a round the world trip. And meet Graham Good as he prepares to compete in the annual husky rally in Scotland.

Concorde, Wells painting, and the Red Hat Society
There's a hole in our Concorde - the iconic plane is losing its battle with the elements. Plus a historical riddle which has set tongues wagging in Wells. And growing old disgracefully - the Red Hat Society.

Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, rifle league, and spiders
Two students from Bristol attempt to become the youngest ever team to complete the Plymouth-Banjul challenge. Plus the Devizes and District miniature rifle league. And arachnophobia.

Adverts, Brymore School, starlings
We visit Brymore School in Somerset with its own working farm. Plus starlings used to be a common sight in our city centres but then they mysteriously vanished. And the adverts that deliver nothing.

Allergic to modern life, Slimbridge, and freerunning
Can mod cons make you ill? Imagine being allergic to modern life. Plus Slimbridge is a perfect winter habitat for the world's wetland birds. And the new craze sweeping through urban Bristol - "freerunning" has finally arrived in the West Country.

The Wild Boar, Avon county, and mods and rockers
The Wild Boar makes a comeback in the countryside. Plus the county of Avon is still cause for discontent for some residents. And mods and rockers in the West Country.

Series 8 (Sept-Nov 2005)

Counterfeit goods, skeleton bob champ, and school
Inside Out West reports on counterfeit goods. Plus Bath's skeleton bob champ. And the very special school in the woods.

Bustards, Severn Bore surfers, and show bands
The Severn Bore is one of Britain's most spectacular natural wonders and for the last 50 years it has also been a playground for surfers. Plus the return of the Bustard. And old time bands are as popular as ever.

Pakistan Earthquake
We look at the trauma faced by West Country families with no news about loved ones caught up in the South Asia earthquake.

Mother's trauma, River Avon, and Penguin books
Donna Anthony, from Yeovil, served nearly seven years in jail for a crime she didn't commit - the murder of her two children. Plus paddling upstream to try to discover the source of the River Avon. And the history of Penguin books.

Weston super Mare, Onion Johnnies, and speed cameras
Weston super Mare is becoming popular with celebrities. Plus the demise of the Onion Johnny. And are mobile speed cameras as accurate as the police would have us believe?

Plasticine, land yachting, and fostering
Plasticine was invented in Bath and made famous in Bristol, but where is it now? Plus fostering. And the growing sport of land yachting.

Sea story, surrogate mums, and magic mushrooms
Inside Out West investigates the shipwreck of the SS South Australian, surrogate mums, and the row over magic mushrooms.

Series 7 (Jan-March 2005)

Lydia's story
Lydia nearly lost her life to meningitis. A year on we catch up with her and her family and see how their lives have changed.
Frank Foley - The quiet Briton
One in 6,400 children is born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy but for Ben, a wish he made came true.
Climbing Everest at 61
Two years after a double bypass operation, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is climbing Everest for charity.
The end of the pier
Birnbeck Pier has been part of Weston-super-Mare's history for many years, but now it is literally crumbling into the sea.
For many childless couples, surrogacy can offer that precious chance to become parents.
The legacy of slavery
Should there be a lasting memorial to the victims of the slave trade?
Meeting the Merchants
For five centuries, a small group of wealthy men has exerted enormous influence over the city of Bristol. We investigate.
The battle of the brogues
Does the West Country lilt send you weak at the knees or rushing to cover your ears?
Four years after Stephen Back's disappearance, Inside Out visits his family to discover the anguish and uncertainty faced by those left behind.

Series 6 (Sept-Nov 2004)

A special moving job
The fate of the UK's many derelict buildings seems straightforward - they either get lovingly restored à la BBC's 'Restoration' programme, or they get demolished to make way for bigger and better buildings. Or do they?
Who're you going to call?
It seems there's money to be made in everything these days, but making money from ghosts… isn't that going a step too far? Not for one man here in the west, who makes his living as a "professional ghostbuster".
Up in smoke
Many of us dream of moving to the country, where living in the fresh, open space is enough to lift any spirit. But residents in one Wiltshire town are having their dreams dashed as the government plans to burn toxic waste right on their doorsteps.
Flying high
Walking through Exmoor's stunning and historic landscape is a nature lover's paradise but as Inside Out West discovers, not all the inhabitants of the national park are particularly forthcoming.
Street cleaners
They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but some of us think that only applies in our own homes. We take to the pavements to meet the people who make sure our streets are spick and span when we get up in the morning.

Forest of Dean camels
"If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise…" It isn't teddy bears who are the unusual inhabitants of the Forest of Dean, but you may still get a surprise! It seems camels are the new locals.

Severn Beach Railway
When you mention great train journeys where do you immediately think of? Travelling to Venice on the Orient Express, or cutting through the snow capped Swiss Alps? Well how about taking in the sights of… Bristol?
Drug Rehabilitation
Inside Out West enters the world of drug addiction as we follow Joe, a drug user, through rehabilitation. Can he overcome his £400 a day habit and break free from his addiction?
Lydia's story
Three-year-old Lydia should be getting herself ready for playschool, instead due to a tragic set of circumstances she is recovering from having both legs amputated below the knee.

Series 5 (Jan-Feb 2004)

Bristol Cancer Help Centre
Bristol Cancer Help Centre is seen as a centre of excellence in its field. Its educational courses are so popular, the organisation desperately needs a new home.
Cave discovery
Cavers on the Mendip Hills have discovered a new cave system containing prehistoric bones.
Debt Dilemma
Debt is something that most of us worry about at some point in our lives. But are attitudes to being in the red changing? And how can you avoid the debt trap?
Bath tourism
Bath is one of Britain's most popular tourist centres, but is its appeal waning? Tourist numbers are down and the city's long-awaited Thermae attraction still isn't open.
Beagle 2
We meet Bristol’s man of the moment - Space Chemist, Professor Colin Pillinger. Get inside his Mars mission, inspirations and unconventional attitude …

Series 4 (Sept-Oct 2003)

Alternative therapy
Tired, stressed, lost and in need of a change? Maybe you need to visit Sparkland, the alternative world in the West Country, where people go to get back in tune or discover hidden talents.
Steam trains
What do you get when two groups of train enthusiasts decide to swap engines for the weekend? A very long traffic jam, yes a traffic jam!
As the curtain comes down on a landmark of aviation history, We ask whether it would have been better for Bristol if Concorde had never been built.
Women's Institute
The WI may be hitting the headlines with the release of the film Calendar Girls in which they dare to bare - but can the WI markets achieve a similar impact? We follow one marketing man who believes he can give scones sex appeal!
Sailing the Severn
Bristol based sailor and ferryman Rob Salvidge has braved the wild Atlantic and sailed the Southern Seas, but he still reckons the waters on his doorstep are the best.
If you thought 'ollie' was a boy's name and 'grinding' was one of your best moves on the dance floor then read on as Inside Out takes you inside the world of skateboarding.

Young carers
Cleaning, cooking and raising a five year old may sound like the duties of a responsible parent, but for twelve year old Becky Whitehead it's all in a days work.

Series 3 (Jun-Jul 2003)

The whistleblower
Do you believe the published NHS waiting times? An NHS manager was 'blown out' of the service after claiming manipulation of waiting lists by Weston General Hospital.
A37 - Accident blackspot
The A37 between Dorchester and Yeovil is one of Dorset's most dangerous roads. Last year six people were killed in crashes on this 17 mile stretch dubbed by locals as 'Death Valley'.
Sperm and egg donation
With one in six couples experiencing fertility problems at some time, gamete donation provides many with a chance to conceive that special baby. Whilst sperm donation is a straightforward procedure, egg donation is more complicated.
Prostate Cancer
Of the 22,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, half will die. Yet when Brian Chaplin was diagnosed with the disease, he declared himself the luckiest man alive. Inside Out finds out why.
No running water, no heating and no electricity - sounds like camping, but in fact it is the life of a squatter. Inside Out traces the past year of squatter Satyana.
Big brother and sisters
Love them or loathe them, siblings can provide support and advice along with the occasional Chinese burn! Now many youngsters are getting the chance to spend time with a big brother or sister guaranteed not to steal your CDs.

Series 2 (Jan-Mar 2003)

Lundy Island
At three miles long, half a mile wide and ten miles of the coast of Devon, Lundy is by no means a large island, but according to the EC - it may not be an island at all.
Retired greyhounds
Greyhound racing is fun, exciting and a great night out and has been going for 74 years. However, what the people who go don’t think about is what happens to the dogs after their racing life is over.
Bristol music
Bristol is well-known for its music scene. But is the city doing enough to help its up and coming bands? And who will be the next successful act to follow in the footsteps of Massive Attack?
Postcode lottery
When it comes to local services in your area, are you being short changed? Inside Out compares three areas in the West whose residents feel they are losing out in the postcode lottery.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
It is well documented that drinking during pregnancy can have harmful effects on the unborn child. What is less well known, is that heavy alcohol consumption in pregnancy can result in the condition known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Comedy workshop
Fancy yourselves as the next Billy Connolly? or if even Brian Connolly will do, then Inside Out has the answer. Tessa Dunlop takes to the stage to find out if comedy is Something you can learn.
Late trains
All aboard! - Pack your travel sweets and magnetic Scrabble as we take you on the train journey from hell. Nicola Butler had a journey she would never forget. Unluckily for Virgin, she had a camera too!
Women boxers
16 year old Becky Preest is one of only a dozen girl boxers in the country.Inside Out finds out what life is like in the ring when opponents are very hard to come by.
Ugandan Asians
When Idi Amin expelled the Asians out of Uganda many swapped palatial homes, servants and the hot African sun for the drafty wooden chalets of a disused holiday camp on the Somerset coast.

Series 1 (Sept-Nov 2002)

Porton Down
Forty years ago scientists from Porton Down carried out a top-secret experiment. But the test wasn’t carried out behind closed doors at their laboratories. It was done on a journey through Somerset and into the heart of Bristol.
Fighting crime through yogic flying
It is hard not to scoff when someone says they can slash crime in Bristol by half, improve people’s health and make them wealthier. You would be forgiven for laughing out loud when you learn that they plan to achieve this by bouncing cross-legged on the floor.
Parson Woodforde
Parson James Woodforde was a Norfolk Vicar who kept a fascinating diary for 45 years. His chronicle of everyday life in Somerset still intrigues people today as it gives a unique insight into rural England in the 18th century.

Self build
Building your own home could be a dream come true. We look at self build schemes and the growth of eco-friendly houses. We follow the story of one of the West's most unusual housing developments - Two dozen eco-friendly homes being built by a group of green idealists in Bristol.
Arta Gjini - Part 1
Five-year-old Albanian girl Arta Gjini is in Bristol for life-changing surgery. Her crucial operations will take place at the renowned Frenchay hospital in Bristol. This is all thanks to some kind surgeons and a Somerset charity.
Arta Gjini - Part 2
A tiny charity in the West is fighting to raise thousands of pounds for extra medical treatment for an Albanian girl. Surgeons say they're not worried about five year old Arta Gjini, but complications mean she'll need more operations on her burned legs.
Bristol Downs
Bristol Downs, the city's own piece of countryside, may look natural. But in fact, the 450 acre space requires dawn till dusk diligence. We meet the people who nurture Bristol's 'green lung'.
Pole dancing
Hailed as the latest alternative to aerobics, it improves muscle tone, posture and flexibility, but don’t expect your gran to approve.
Village gift
A week ago it was just another container in a Somerset car park. Now it’s an artwork bound for an African village...
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