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24 September 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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    Inside Out - South: Monday October 3, 2005

Speed cameras

Speed gun
Speed cameras - are they as accurate as we think?

Inside Out investigates if mobile speed cameras are as accurate as the police would have us believe.

Carrying out tests using an American model of the camera, a Hampshire laser expert shows how the cameras don't always get it right.

The police and the manufacturers of the UK version say these errors won't be replicated in England because our cameras use different software.

But why won't they let the self-proclaimed expert test them?

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Animal Hoarding

Helen Hein
Animal hoarding or just a love of animals?

Inside Out follows the case of Dr Helen Hein, a vet who was struck off and had all her dogs taken away in 1996 when she pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.

It is an admission she now regrets and denies.

At that time she had 140 German Shepherds at her home near Guildford.

Since the ban on keeping dogs was lifted, the numbers have gradually crept up again.


Common characteristics include:

* More than the typical number of companion animals.

* An inability to provide minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, shelter, and veterinary care.

* Animal neglect can result in starvation, illness, and death to the animal.

* Denial of the inability to provide this minimum care and the impact of that failure on the animals.

Source: The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium

Chris Packham asks if she is just a British eccentric who loves dogs - or could she be an example of a newly diagnosed addiction?

The Americans have named this addiction, calling it "animal hoarding."

As the authorities try to take away more of Helen Hein's dogs, Chris follows her progress through the courts.

If you are someone who collects animals, could you be suffering from the same compulsive disorder?

Inside Out South also asks what can be done about this condition.

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Maiden Castle

Maiden Castle
Southern wonder - Maiden Castle from the air

We continue our tour of the south's prehistoric landscapes.

The keys of the Inside Out Land Rover are thrown Francis Pryor’s way for Dorset.

Ancient landscapes and hill forts are right up his archaeological street, and mooching around them was an offer the Time Team old timer couldn’t refuse.

Francis starts his tour at Maiden Castle, a magnificent example of an ancient hill fort just outside Dorchester.

Francis’s tour then heads further West deep into Dorset to Eggardon Hill – a real treat for Francis as he’s never visited this site before.

"It’s utterly beautiful", he says.

Next stop was Hambledon Hill – now here Francis gets quite carried away by the gruesome history behind the hill.

Stories of sky burials and personal experience of the hill and the skulls excavated there – lined up in a row.

Why? "That’s the beauty of archaeology, we may never actually know", he says excitedly.

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