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24 September 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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  Inside Out - South: Monday September 8, 2003


House number one
Eight bedroom villa
Description: Eight Bedroom villa - converted church
Location: Gosport, Hampshire
Owners: Phil a property developer, Jill runs a ladies' health club
Price: Just over £1 million
Interesting features: A pulpit transformed into a bar

If you've ever dreamed of living like a millionaire and you're not above a good old fashioned snoop then join Inside Out's Chris Packham and domestic goddess Rita Konig as they find out how the other half lives.

Inside Out has selected three properties for our snooping duo to inspect and with nearly half of the UK's millionaire's living in the South, we had plenty to choose from.

House number one

This property looks like it's been airlifted straight out of the Algarve or as Rita would describe 'Eldorado'.

It has eight bedrooms, and an indoor pool where many parties end up.

"Whenever we have friends around we always end up in the jacuzzi or the pool," explains Rita.

"Some of the parties are pretty risqué," adds Chris

"It's an extremely original property," says Rita.

If the converted pulpit bar serving 'holy spirits' didn't grab you, then take a look at the next property on the list.

House number two
Regency terraced house
Description: Regency terraced house
Location: Seafront, Brighton
Owners: Charles Style a property developer
Price: £3.5 million

House number two

This property is one of the finest townhouses outside of London and is described by Rita as "Architecturally flawless."

Some of the owner's choice in décor didn't quite grab her though.

"The dining room is slightly muddled," warns Rita.

" I think sometimes people think they have to go for a mad colour and everything will be fine. You have to be quite careful."

So if you just couldn't live with the grape dining room walls then fear not, there is still one more property left to view.

House number three

"The house was built in the early 60s and was designed to take maximum advantage of the views," explains Lee.

House number three
Waterside residence in Beaulieu
Description: Unique waterside residence
Location: Beaulieu, New Forest
Owners: Lee Webb
Price: £5 million
Interesting features: Stunning views of the 12 acres of landscaped grounds.

The rooms are huge and decorated in a style not unlike that of a Bond film as Rita explains.

"There are some parts that are amazing and some which don't seem to fit with the original idea. It feels quite James Bond actually."

It's such a strong flavour this house that I think it's probably quite a hard house to live in," remarks Rita.

"It's an extraordinary property."

Make your home look a million dollars

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to that of our featured properties, why not make the best of what you've got? Inside Out has some top tips to turn your home into a palace.

Make your house look a million dollars

Forget MDF, staple guns and lime green paint, the least drastic and most inexpensive way to revamp your home is to de-clutter.

To de-clutter, dispose of…

  • Anything in the house that has been broken for 12 months or more

  • Anything that has exceeded its use-by date. Use suitable disposal methods for anything that is combustible or poisonous

  • All wonky furniture that is surplus to your needs

  • Any boxes that have not been opened since your last move

  • Lots of junk, such as paper, glass, plastics and cans that have collected throughout your house, can be recycled and should be among the first to go
    Taken from The Life Laundry: How To De-Junk Your Life by Dawna Walter and Mark Franks, published by BBC Worldwide Limited. © Talkback Productions 2002.

And who knows, a good de-clutter might unearth some hidden treasure and then you really can live like a millionaire.

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