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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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  Inside Out - South: Monday June 16, 2003


Sam Fox
Sam Fox turns detective to expose a Sussex conman

A contract, a page three girl and a Sussex love rat - Inside Out goes undercover to expose a conman.

Guiy de Monfort, otherwise known as Guy Cavalero, born as plain old Graham Leaver is the subject of our expose.

Guy is a schemer who has left a lot of people feeling very foolish over the years.

His latest scheme involves a charity CD on which he convinces celebrities to sing declaring the profits will go to charity.

He also claims he can arrange concerts and presentations with some of the world's most powerful people.

Inside Out invites former page three girl Sam Fox to become private eye for the day.

"I've always wanted to be a private eye," says Sam. "So when Chris told me he had a mission for me, I jumped at the chance."


Guy being secretly filmed
Undercover filming catches Guy in the act of lying

Like all good detectives, Sam does her homework on her subject. When it comes to romance, Guy has a long and chequered history.

According to one lady who worked for him in the 80s, Guy kept a tray of cheap engagement rings in his office.

These were essential to Guy's romantic schemes as according to Bobbie, a former employee, Guy would often propose to women on the second or third date.

"There were newspapers around, the better newspapers," explains Bobbie.

"With Lonely Hearts columns picked out and carefully selected… so it's obviously women who he thought were going to have a good background."


But it wasn't just women from Sussex Guy was fooling. After a spell in prison for forging cheques, Guy ended up in America.

Guy met and proposed to Jeanne Danowski.

"He suggested if we were serious about having a relationship we might as well go ahead and marry now, sooner rather than later," says Jane.

The relationship didn't last. Jane started to receive phone calls from women explaining how Guy had professed his undying love for them.

The same stories emerged again and again.

Candace Tetmayer was also deceived by Guy. Candace claims she spent 10 thousand dollars on Guy after he told her he has an offshore trust and would pay it back.

That was the last Candace saw of her money.

Charity exploits

Pile of pound coins
Guy claims that money from CD sales goes to charity

Guy's latest scheme involves exploiting tragedies.

Jazz singer Clair Teal felt duped by Guy after he invited her to sing on a charity CD in aid of the Twin Towers disaster.

Guy was incredibly convincing claiming that if Clair had been involved earlier she could have joined the Madison Square Garden tribute alongside Paul McCartney.

He later claimed that his charity CD was the only project featured on the official White House website.

Clair recorded the track but regrets it now. There is no record of how many CDs were actually sold, but what is known is that according to the three charities featured on the cover, none received a penny.

"I feel angry…really stupid," says Clair. "I can't believe he is still trying to do this."


Further tragedies spell more opportunity for Guy and he originally invites Sam to sing in aid of the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Guy soon back tracks, claiming that NASA who had originally agreed to partner this project, have pulled out.

Guy's new charitable focus? The soldiers who died in the war in Iraq.

Guy effortlessly promises Sam a special presentation with President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair.

"Because one of our advisers is a top military guy in the States, we can do a special presentation in the rose garden of the White house with Sam," claims Guy.

According to Guy the CD will sell over five million copies in America.

Sam is not fooled. Her solution - send in the heavies…. Well Chris Packham at least!


Chris confronts Guy, who said he was too busy to be interviewed on television.

What Guy does tell us though is that he made it very clear to all the artists he was running a business and that if he made some profit the money would go to charity.

Sam Fox and Guy being secretly filmed

So why did the charities we spoke to receive nothing? Guy claims that the money is tied up in a legal dispute in America.

As for the testimonials from Bush and Blair, though he claims he has letters from them, he's agreed that not one of these powerful people has given him permission to use their name, and they've told us that at no time have they pledged any support for any of his projects.

As for his love rat image, why have none of the women sued him, he asks, and how is it he's now been happily marred for two years.

Will Guy finally get his comeuppance? Clair Teal believes he already has.

"I think he's a really sad man. How awful to live like that, trying to make money out of terrible things, to leave a trail of people hating you."

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