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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - South: Archive

DaniSeries 11 (January-March 2007)

Climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming across England, and asks if the situation is as dire as many scientists predict.

Nature and climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming on wildlife across England. Plus photo gallery

Carbon neutral quest
An interview with Blur's Alex James, sitting in the studio at his farm in the Cotswolds.

Dog meat trading
We're a country of dog lovers so it's shocking to find that some countries still have traders dealing in dog meat.

Chalk caves
The collapse of chalk caves underneath Reading - the full extent of the problem has been brought to light for the first time by BBC Inside Out.

There's relatively Otters in Hampshire so Inside Out's Chris Packham set out to track some down. Plus Otter gallery

Loan arranger
Inside Out unmasks the Dorset-based loan arranger who’s been taking small businesses for a ride.

Mobile phone bugging
Inside Out shows how easy it is to turn your phone into a bugging device. Plus advice and web blog.

Buster Crabb mystery
Inside Out follows the remarkable story of war hero Buster Crabb who disappeared in strange circumstances in 1956.

Series 10 (Autumn 2006)

It's thought that one in 10 of the population of Southampton is Polish, a figure often quoted by MP John Denham.

Car sales
Inside Out tells the story of the first person in the country to be banned from selling cars.

Con man
Inside Out challenges one of Britain's most notorious con men over his latest, multi-million pound project in which he poses as a United Nations veteran.

Looking for love
Comedian Shappi Khorsandi goes looking for love on the Isle of Wight, a place she had not visited since she was on a school trip in the '70s.

Augustus John
When Augustus John arrived in the quiet Hampshire town of Fordingbridge in 1927 – it wasn’t clear whether he was more famous for his art – or his love life.

The Schneider Trophy, land investment and Lottery dreams
Inside Out's Chris Packham takes to the skies for the Schneider Trophy. Plus a look at land investments. And a review of who benefits from National Lottery funding in the South of England.

Filly Loo, flying boats and Chinese herbalists
Inside Out tells the story of flying boats - and the last regular passenger service out of Southampton. And how some Chinese herbalists are prescribing potentially dangerous remedies without a proper consultation. Plus the eccentric Filly Loo festival.

Cancer girl, the seaside, and theatre fraudster.
Inside Out follows the story of Hayley, a 13-year-old girl from Romsey with terminal cancer. Plus our theatre fraudster story updated. And a special trip to the seaside for kids who've never seen a beach and sand,

Series 9 (January-March 2006)

Seven blunders, time share, and the Spitfire
Chris Packham explores his personal list of seven man made blunders of the South of England. We reveal the real story behind the time share deal that seems too good to be true. And we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Spitfire.

Theatre fraudster, fresco restoration, and the Queen Mary
Inside Out South unmasks a theatrical fraudster who has used a string of false names to promote a play about false identity. Plus the restoration of an Italian fresco. And the ambitious plan to bring one of Southampton's most famous ships back to its home port.

Photography, drugs, and air speed record
Inside Out meets internationally renowned photographer Charlie Waite. Plus drugs use in Winchester. And the British man broke the air speed record 50 years ago - Peter Twiss.

Lloyds Bank, Sussex follies, and Dorset Heath
Inside Out takes a look at how Dorset Heath provides an ideal habitat for reptiles. Plus the story of how one man risked everything he owned to fight Lloyds Bank through the courts. And Sussex follies.

Poole Pottery, and children's Proms
The new bright red tableware being developed by the South West's traditional Poole Pottery. And the children from the south of England preparing for the biggest concert of their lives.

Military shells, crime writer, and DJ James Zabiela
Inside Out investigates how dangerous live military shells and bombs are going missing before the Army or Police can make them safe. Plus crime writer Peter James. And Southampton DJ star James Zabiela.

Animal lovers, fossils, and the Bustard
Inside Out investigates the case of the couple who loved dogs too much. Plus the British Bustard. And what's happened to the fossils that were found in the Isle of Wight.

Father search, squirrel sanctuary, and Red Hat convention
Inside Out follows Bob Stephens on an emotional search for his father. Plus Chris Packham visits a secret squirrel sanctuary in Hampshire where the owner admits he is breaking the law. And Lesley Joseph learns the art of growing old disgracefully.

Underage drinking, brittle bone disease, and Dragonflies
Underage drinking in the suburbs of Bournemouth. Plus Linda Robson tells the story of a family's fight for a proper diagnosis of their two girls who suffer from brittle bone disease. And look at Dragonflies and Dameselflies.

Series 8 (Sept-Nov 2005)

University standards
Inside Out's special investigation into university course standards.

Inside Out investigates Nighthawks - the treasure hunters who refuse to abide by the law.

Pakistan Earthquake
We look at the trauma faced by the Southern families with no news about loved ones caught up in the South Asia earthquake.

Animal healer, Lua Lua, and archaeology
Inside Out meets Magrit Coates, an animal healer and author. Plus we follow footballer Lua Lua on his trip to the Congo. And some of the South's stunning archaeology.

Speed cameras, animal hoarding and Maiden Castle
Inside Out investigates if mobile speed cameras are as accurate as the police would have us believe. Plus the condition of animal hoarding. And the magnificent Maiden Castle.

Rescue dogs, and Iron Age Fort
This week Chris Packham gets his teeth into another under cover investigation involving the rescue of mistreated and neglected dogs. Plus a visit to Danebury and its fort.

Con man, Tourettes, and prehistoric landscapes
Inside Out investigates an international con man, the impact of Tourettes Syndrome, and the South's prehistoric landscapes of The Ridgeway.

Village controversy, Mole Crickets, and yews
Inside Out investigates the English village in dispute over a mobile home park, the ancient yews of Sussex, and the Mole Cricket rediscovered in Oxfordshire.

Series 7 (Jan-March 2005)

The devil's bird
Swifts have been known as "The Devil's Bird", probably due to their inaccessibility. Just like owls, they attract more folklore than good natural history.
Mobile speed cameras
How accurate are the mobile speed cameras being used by the police to enforce speed limits?
Sense in sentences?
Are we getting the sentencing right for rioting football hooligans?
Strictly ballroom
Ballroom dance mania is hitting new heights. Inside Out puts on its dancing shoes and dons its tuxedo.
Solicitor's malpractice exposed
Senior defence solicitor and former stipendiary magistrate secretly filmed helping 'a client' fabricate courtroom lies.
Red Kites
Chris Packham takes to the air with Red Kites at Ibstone and Christmas Commons.
Seals join Chris Packham this week and share secrets of their coastal homes.
Fox hunting
American foxhunters in Tennessee plan to join one of the first hunts, post potential ban.
Twilight world of the badger
We enter the twilight world of badger watching with badger fan Chris Packham.
Montagu's Harrier
Chris Packham looks at the life of the Montagu's Harrier, and explains why it is one of Britain's most endangered birds of prey.
Unrest on council gypsy sites
Travellers were threatened with eviction from six council-owned sites in Oxfordshire after refusing to sign new licence agreements.
Endangered words
No-one really keeps a list of endangered words, but if they did, on it you would probably find words from the Southern dialects and they're vanishing fast.
Multi-billion dollar lottery scam
Organised criminals are behind a scam that relieves elderly people of millions of pounds of life savings in a lottery that does not exist.
Orchid heaven
Chris Packham leads us through the South's profusion of the floral top of the pops.
Cheggers' Make a Wish
Keith Chegwin makes a dream come true for one wee man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Series 6 (Sept-Nov 2004)

Pole position
Pole dancing is trading up from the seedy image of lap dancing clubs to the respectability of dance studios, gyms and kitchens (yes kitchens) all over the country.
Mobile home eviction
Inside Out exposes the owner of a Hampshire mobile home park who has been persuading vulnerable people to sell their homes for a fraction of their true value.
Beer run
Described as a "drinking club with a running problem", thousands of Hash House Harriers take to the open road each week for some serious exercise and some even more serious refreshment.
Goin' ghosthunting with the Delays!
How do you know if an old house is haunted? You may see the odd shadow, hear a bang or two, but how do you know for sure? We join the Southampton rock band, 'Delays', on a ghost-bustin trail.
Dog rescue mission
You might think that the south of England has got enough of stray dogs as it is. That's nothing compared to the problem in southern Ireland.
Not only is the sea full of interesting stuff, much of it ends washed up on the beaches. Everything found on the beach tells a story, it's just a case of finding ways of understanding them.
Vintage motorbikes
Taking to the roads on a motorbike built before 1915 is more than just a way of getting from A to B. Inside Out follows comedian Gina Yashere as she enters the Pioneer Run to Brighton on a 1913 Gerrard motorbike.
Big vegetables
Nature and wildlife are Chris Packham's loves. But the world of prize vegetable growing has, till now, eluded him. Chris finds out that size matters when it comes to his leeks with expert advice from a champ.
For the very first time in British waters, marine naturalists have not only discovered but also filmed an almost mythical creature. The seahorse.

Series 5 (Jan-Feb 2004)

Bingo sensation
It's a multi-million pound industry and Eastleigh's Mike Barnes is bidding to become the best in the business.
Sea Trout
Inside Out uncovers the hidden world of the New Forest streams with the Environment Agency Fisheries team.
Mental health dilemma
Absconding patients from St Ann's psychiatric hospital in Poole have exposed weaknesses in hospital security.
Financing debt
Living in debt is a fact of life for many householders. Inside Out investigates how money lenders are targetting some of the most vulnerable people on the South's housing estates.
Bogus cancer cure
Inside Out exposes a therapist's bogus cancer treatment with the help of a patient diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Puppy farm exposed
There are a number of disreputable dog breeders out there who are in the business just for the money. Inside Out uncovers the misery behind the puppy farming trade.

Series 4 (Sept-Oct 2003)

Rogue energy salespeople
We investigate slippery salespeople, who make a killing out of unsuspecting people.
Lawnmower racing
Inside Out presenter Chris Packham revved up to take part in the Mower Racing World Championships in Where.
We probe the undergrowth in search of crickets – and find these rare insects have made their home in a most unusual, but rather appropriate place.
If you were stranded in a forest, would you be able to survive? Inside Out took city dweller Keith Fields to try his luck in a 600 acre wood in West Sussex.
Spamming and scamming
Have you ever received a text message congratulating you on a cash prize win? If you have, you're not alone. We expose a telephone network which provides a platform for bogus companies to cash in on premium rate lines.
Pup Idol meets Canine Academy
Lassie, Toto and the Littlest Hobo all had to start somewhere and if you think your dog has star quality then Berkshire based stage school for dogs may just be the place to start.
Who wants to be a Millionaire
If you've ever dreamed of living like a millionaire and you're not above a good old fashioned snoop then join Inside Out's Chris Packham and domestic goddess Rita Konig as they find out how the other half lives.
The greater mouse-eared bat
The greater mouse-eared bat was declared extinct 12 years ago, however two individuals have turned up in recent years. We join in the hunt to discover if Britain's rarest mammal has made a comeback.

Series 3 (Jun-Jul 2003)

Wild boars
Take a walk through woodland in southern England and you could be in for a big surprise - one weighing up to 150 kilos in fact! For the south is the only area in Britain where wild boar can be seen.
Rock pools
Inside Out joins Marine Biologist Lisa Browning as she explores the diverse marine life in the rock pools of Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset.
Animal Sanctuary exposed
An Inside Out undercover investigation team exposes the appalling conditions at one of Britain's most popular bird parks.
Inside Out takes a look inside the secret world of the Druids. We go back in time to rediscover the true spirit of Druidism.
Migratory birds
Every year millions of birds travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to the UK to breed. Chris Packham looks at bird migration with a visit to one of the south's top birdwatching sites.
Conman exposed
A contract, a page three girl and a Sussex love rat - Inside Out goes undercover to expose a conman. Guiy de Monfort, otherwise known as Guy Cavalero, born as plain old Graham Leaver is the subject of our expose.
It's England v Germany - but not as we know it! It's the World Marbles Championship 2003 - a contest which can easily reduce grown-ups to tears.
Model agency exposed
Ever fancied yourself as the next Kate Moss or Jodie Kidd? If you have, you're not alone. Hundreds of young hopefuls attempt to break into the industry each year. But it is not as easy as some agencies would have you believe.

Series 2 (Jan-Mar 2003)

Charity scam
Inside Out investigates a company that claims to collect for charity. The company targets bars and pubs of the south and are scamming the public out of thousands of pounds.
New Forest ponies
A high pitched whinny, the clatter of hooves, there's been ponies running wild in the New Forest for thousands of years. But what is the future for this breed? Inside Out investigates the incredible history of these ponies.
Food sensitivity
In the current climate of self help, alternative treatments and complimentary therapists, food allergies appear to be the latest cause of ill health. But how accurate are these food sensitivity tests? Chris Packham goes undercover to find out.
Who wants a knight in shining armour to sweep down and open doors for them? Well, many modern men and women of the 21st century would say a firm no thank you!
Bournemouth lifeguard training
Grab your red bathing suit and float and prepare to run in slow motion - Baywatch is coming to Bournemouth.
Seven Sussex things
Of a score of good things found outside heaven, The land of Sussex was granted seven, The choicest of those I often feel, Is the oily, glutinous Pulborough eel ...
Big families
Always dreamed of having a big family? How big? We've tracked down Tracy and Pete Lewis, who have 12 children. So before you decide how many kids you should have you'd better read this!
Fancy going on a treasure hunt? Well geocaching may just be for you - it's the latest hi-tech craze to sweep the country.
Alternative therapists
Inside Out, with the help of John Inchley, goes undercover to investigate alternative therapists who falsely claim to cure cancer.

Series 1 (Sept-Nov 2002)

Marguerite Sassen-Povel
When Marguerite Sassen-Povel was 91 years old, she announced that she was leaving her family and going to live with her male nurse. Three months later she made him the main beneficiary of her will.
Sybil Leek - The South's white witch
Sybil Leek - dubbed ‘Britain’s most famous witch’ - has an incredible life story. The world's media flocked to her door when she announced she was a white witch.
Butterfly collectors
The Purple Emperor may be a rare species of butterfly, but even rarer and more difficult to find is the butterfly collector. In the mid nineteenth century there were over 3,000 butterfly collectors in Britain. Now there are just a few hundred remaining.
Dorset's world heritage coast
This voyage of discovery proves that you don't need to trek to exotic places to discover extraordinary creatures living secret lives.
Weird weather
Weather can behave in some very strange ways, baffling not only the public but the experts. We look at southern England's oddest meteorological moments...
Stress busting - The feline way
The pressure of 21st century living is not only causing us humans sleepless nights, but apparently it's rubbing off onto our pets too.
Crop circles
Crop circles are one of the planet's great mysteries, and nowhere are they more of a puzzle than in southern England.
Guildford's boy racers
Upwards of 1,000 cars of people are attracted to Guildford on the first Sunday evening of every month. But it is not the cathedral or the theatre which draws many in. 'Boy racers' congregate for 'cruises'in the town centre.
Lone dolphins - friend or foe?
Growing up with Flipper you may be forgiven for believing that all bottlenose dolphins actively seek out the company of humans.
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