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24 September 2014
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  Inside Out - North West: Monday June 30, 2003


Rubbish dumped in a field
Rubbish dumped in a beauty spot near Warrington

Fly tipping is becoming an increasing problem in the North West.

It often poses a danger to public health and is costing the Environment Agency huge amounts of money.

Fly tipping refers to the unlawful disposal of waste in a public place. It’s a huge problem in both inner-city and rural areas and it’s damaging the environment.

The Environment Agency is in constant battle with tippers across the North West. And they are not just having to clear up a few bags of household rubbish.

In some cases it’s thousands of tyres, industrial waste and even piles of dangerous asbestos roofing.

Nobody’s been able to put a price on how much it’s costing us to clear up after fly tippers but it runs into millions of pounds.

Surgery issue

Dr Simon Abrhams near some rubbish behind his surgery
Dr Abrams shows Inside Out cameras behind his surgery

Dr Simon Abrams is devastated that his medical centre off Great Homer Street in Everton is targeted on a daily basis by fly tippers.

Dr Abraham says, "It happens every week. It’s a disgrace to the area. We get lots of rubbish, steel drums, an old fax machine, cardboard, old toys - and this is mild to what we have to put up with sometimes."

He’s so fed up that he is calling in the Environment Agency to find those responsible.

They are waging a high tech war against the tippers by installing hidden surveillance cameras in the hope of catching the tippers on film.

Fly tippers who are caught could face a fine of up to £20,000.

An unpleasant fly-tipping site

Alternative disposal

The South Liverpool Housing Association is tackling fly tipping with less hi-tech methods with remarkable success.

It is offering free skips to local people in a bid to rid the Speke Housing Estate of rubbish dumps.

Bill Owen, a caretaker in charge on the scheme says, "The problem was pretty horrendous."

"It’s greatly lessened and I think that’s mainly down to the skips."

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Readers' Comments

We are not adding any new comments to this page but you can still read some of the comments previously submitted by readers.

Tess Deackes
Have you seen the recent spate of fly tipping in Dartford Kent? Fly Tipping is not an arrestable offence, only reportable. It should be made totally illegal.

David Atherton
This spot has seen constant tipping and the 'tip' has got so big and infested with whole families of rats and other vermine, that the local authorities refuse to remove the pile.

The local fire brigade are concerned that a fire, even a controlled fire would in itself pose serious risks.

The 'tip' is now so big, the tippers are now just leaving their unwanted rubbish in the local streets. This are is very close to the city centre and is in the heart of an area bordered by housing and workshops, none of which would possibly produce this type of rubbish or waste.

Some days, if one dares to stand and watch, the pile can be seen to move with the obvious investation of the vermine inside.

This is a good example of a caring local authority from a council just turned into a city. If this is a city we should have remained a town.

ashes farm/closes farm on croston close road, walmersley in bury has to be the worst fly tipping area in the uk. a local skip firm has been dumping,burning and landfilling the greenbelt site for the last 3 years even tho they have been told to stop by the council [rossendale].

the land was owned by the firm until it got too hot to handle. now it has been 'sold' to someone in ireland and so the skip firm keeps on dumping there without prosecution. the land is bordered by 2 public footpaths that have ceased to be used - because of the sight/smell/aggressive behaviour of the 'owner'.

at the peak of operations 20 industrial sized skips a day were dumping unregulated rubbish on the site. no tipping fees, no tax. a fiddle earning hundreds of thousands a year - no wonder they are violent in protecting it.

in the last few weeks tipping has decreased but the results of 3 years can still be seen at the site. the locals now call the area 'skip valley' cos there are 2 other firms operating the same scam in the area. please help us lovers of the countryside to enjoy it as we have a right to do.

Jonathan Clingan
I saw your article with growing horror; I live in a local authority area, Rossendale that has stopped the free collection of bulky household items and even charges you if you take them to the tip yourself.

I live on a council housing estate, the residents of which will not pay the new charge so fly tipping at the entrance of the nature reserve bordering the estate will increase.

The council also used to provide skips for residents to use in the manner of the council in your article, this service has also stopped. In a climate of trying to stamp out fly tipping is this any way to go about it?

For the past 3 years industrial waste has been tipped and burned on a very large scale in a green belt area. The rossendale council are aware of this and know who is responsible but it is still goin on. a beauty spot has been turned into a disgraceful eye-sore by a skip hire firm working illegally. no regulations or tax. nice money isn't it?

A George
Well done South Liverpool Housing Association. Perhaps looking at the cause of fly-tipping would be a good idea. In our area you can only use the household recycling centre if you use a car...or apply for a permit for one visit specifying exactly what you are going to take and when.

However, you can take commercial waste and dump it there as long as you are in a car! (Or 4WD with trailer!) People like ourselves who do not own a car, just a small company van are not allowed to use the facilities...contrary to the notice that the Council post on these sites.

It is not always done to avoid paying a fee. It is often through lazyness or lack of facilities.

R. Bennett
I live in a village Tintwistle on the edge of the Peak District. The worst area in the village for fly tipping is Woodlands Close/ Bramah Edge. Everthing from cycles, household rubbish,house clearances to even cars are dumped at the rear of the houses in this area.

These people rely on the long grass of summer to cover their misdemeanors but their fly tipping is ruining a nice rural area, their own environment and causing a health hazard to the numerous children in this area.

Mr, S Bolton
I nominate the old disused railway loop line at walton park off blackthorn road. The fly tipp must be seen to be believed the council are aware of it but do nothing!!

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