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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - North West: Monday October 9, 2006

Chef's challenge

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The challenge - to create a great meal with local produce...

Along with a boom in cookery, the desire for regional food has grown dramatically in recent years.

People are now demanding more from restaurants they want to know where the food comes from.

For many customers, the closer it is the better.

Inside Out decided to give top Lancashire chef Nigel Haworth a challenge.

We asked him to create a three course meal solely with local ingredients.

About our chef...

Northcote Manor in Langho is home to one of the North West's finest chefs - Nigel Haworth.

Nigel Haworth
Meet Nigel Haworth - one of the North West's finest chefs

He's been at the restaurant for 20 years, using the best produce and best quality ingredients in his gourmet dishes.

On his mission to cook a menu made up entirely of locally produced produce, we sent him out around the whole of Lancashire in search of the very best meat, fish, cheese and vegetables.

Food tour

Nigel's first stop in his quest to find local produce is located in the heart of the stunning Forest of Bowland.

Marshaw Farm boasts a a rare breed of British White Cattle.

Although common to Lancashire in the 17th Century, they disappeared, but they've been brought back to the county and are being fed on beer!

The beer is also local - it comes from the Bowland Brewery in Bashall Eaves.

Farmer Richard Baker has the 'tough' job of tasting it for quality!

Seared British White Beef, Wild Herb & Radish Salad,
Lime Caramel, Roast Marrowbone
Pan Roast Line Caught Wild Seabass,
Samphire, Morecambe Bay Shrimps
Northcote Garden Berries,
Lancashire Cheese Ice Cream
Nigel's menu

Next stop is one of Lancashire`s organic cheesemakers - Bob Kitchen at Leagram's dairy in Chipping.

Its speciality is Organic Lancashire cheese, made from milk from a mile away to give it a better flavour.

With the cheese selected, it's time to scour the county for vegetables.

Then it's on the road again for a stop at Wellgate Fisheries in Clitheroe - there`s been a fishmongers here since 1939.

Specialities include seabass from Lytham and Morecambe Bay shrimps.

Once back at the kitchen, Nigel sets about cooking his three course dinner.

Nigel has risen to the challenge and tops off the meal with cheese ice cream!

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Sir Bobby sees yellow

Sir Bobby Charlton
Sir Bobby Charlton

Sir Bobby Charlton fears that he would have been booked for arguing with the referee if he was playing the game today.

Sir Bobby, who was never booked in 17 years of playing for Manchester United and England, claims that the scrutiny and pace of the modern game would have blemished his impeccable record.

Sir Bobby says, "I don't think I would have any sort of reputation today. I think I would be booked for arguing.

"I think there is so much attention to every word you say.

"In the old days you could drop the odd swear word in with the referees and that was okay, but now it is un-relenting … the cameras are on you all the time."

Team selection

The former United and England footballing legend recalled his excitement at being picked for the first time.

It is 50 years since his United debut against Charlton in October 1956.

"On Friday morning's the teams went up on the board and everybody hoped that their names were on it.

"Before it went up somebody said 'the boss (Sir Matt Busby) wants to see you upstairs in his office'.

"There were only two reasons he wanted to see people upstairs in his office that was either bad news or good news.

"I'd had a little knock on my right ankle in the reserves a couple of weeks before and it was swollen up a bit, not like today it took a long time to get right. And it was a bit painful.

"Sir Matt said 'How's your ankle?'" I said (laughing) "My ankle's fine, the ankle's great".

"So Sir Matt said: "If it's alright you are playing in the first team tomorrow."

"Wow!, you know, I can't tell you what it felt like."

Munich disaster

Sir Bobby talked about surviving the Munich air crash in February 1958 before going on to play in the glorious United team of the 1960s with George Best and Denis Law.

Sir Bobby summed up 50 years quite simply. "It's just been an absolute pleasure. My game I love, I mean I love this game, it's my whole life, and it has been for as long as I can remember.

"Since I was a very very little boy I wanted to be a footballer. I was lucky I had no serious injuries, a lot of players do suffer badly but I was lucky in that respect. I played with good teams, good players. It was magic."

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Internet fraud

Dud cheque
Dud cheques passed in Lottery scam

Experts claim that 70% of e-mail traffic is spam - or electronic junk mail. Some is crude and harmless - but a lot is malevolent and insidious - designed to part you from your money. If it is spam - it is probably a scam

Inside Out opened an email account to see what would happen.

We used the name David Brent - the fictional boss from the BBC comedy series The Office - a character we thought might fall for internet scams.

Sure enough within 24 hours our inbox was flooded with emails - most of them trying to steal our personal information - and then our money - by pretending to be banks or auction sites.

But the account was also flooded with messages telling us we had won lotteries in Canada, South Africa, Holland and the UK

Inside Out responded to some and has already won £238,000, which is strange because no competitions were entered.

Fake winning certificates, and even fake cheques can come by email or through the post - and the problem is they do look vaguely authentic. People are being fooled.

Jacey Normand investigated. Viewers beware.

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