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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - North West: Archive

Old TraffordSeries 11 (January-March 2007)

Climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming across England, and asks if the situation is as dire as many scientists predict.

Nature and climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming on wildlife across England. Plus photo gallery

Perfect Day
We asked some of the North West's best known celebrities about their perfect day out.

Your Perfect Day
We asked you for your perfect days out and we were inundated with suggestions from hiking on Cumbria's fells to a pub lunch in the Lancashire countryside.

Uninsured cars
Four thousand vehicles have been crushed, pulverised, squashed, pressed and cubed by police on Merseyside... and more are to follow. It's all part of Operation Tango - a clampdown on uninsured drivers.

Jodrell Bank and Patrick Moore web chat
Inside Out celebrates 50 years of listening to outer space with the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank.

Weird weather
Weird weather is an increasingly familiar and worrying trend as climate change kicks in. The North West of England is no exception to the wiles of the weather.

England's second city
The debate has raged for years - which is England's Second City, Birmingham or Manchester? Read the opinion poll results.

Carjacking is on the increase according to every motoring organisation. Plus online advice guide.

Freckleton air disaster
Like Aberfan, Freckleton in Lancashire should be a name on the lips of the nation. The village's wartime tragedy is one of the best kept secrets of the Second World War.

Tractor - Rochdale rocks!
Inside Out reveals how Rochdale's Tractor became a cult band in the 1970s thanks to a demo tape sent to legendary Radio One disc jockey John Peel. Plus web chat with Tractor.

Beatrix Potter
The Lake District is the star of a new Hollywood movie starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. Plus photo gallery

Village initiative
How communities are coming together to tackle global warming in the North West.

Series 10 (Autumn 2006)

Eastern European Immigration special
Inside Out tells the story of eastern Europeans who have settled in Blackpool, the Lancashire town.

Super casinos, Arts and Crafts Movement, and Titanic treasures
Blackpool plans to transform itself into the British Vegas. Plus the Lake District's Arts and Crafts trail. And we investigate how relics plundered from the Titanic are up for sale on the black market.

Bogus taxi drivers
Inside Out conducts a special investigation into the dangers posed by bogus taxi drivers.

Horse boating, Spanish Civil War and bereavement
Imagine a time before trains and motor vehicles when horse power meant literally just that. Plus we meet the veterans who fought in the Spanish Civil War. And bereavement counselling.

Gambling, ghost train and dog dirt
Inside Out looks at the story of one man's battle an addiction to gambling. Plus ghost train. And the debate over dog poo.

Chef web chat and Lancashire produce
Inside Out gives top Lancashire chef Nigel Haworth a challenge. We asked him to create a three course meal solely with local ingredients. Plus food web chat.

Inside Out meets a Viking re-enactment group from the Wirral who are determined to dispel the myths of their Norse ancestors. Plus Viking web diary.

Southport cars
In the 1920's Southport was the most important place in Britain for motor racing. Plus historic cars gallery.

Antiques expert
'Cash in the Attic' antiques expert Paul Hayes visited a Cheshire property developer who has amassed an amazing collection of antiques and collectibles in his mansion near Nantwich. Plus web chat on antiques.

Liam Spencer
Liam Spencer is one of the rising stars of the British contemporary arts scene, renowned for his vivid portrayals of the urban landscape around Manchester. Plus interview with Spencer.

Series 9 (January-March 2006)

Blackpool ice skating, arson, and Brian Jacques
Blackpool has the oldest purpose built ice arena in the world. Plus we investigate arson attacks in the North West. And Liverpool author Brian Jacques is a star around the world.

IRA bombing investigation
Ten years after the IRA bombed Manchester, Inside Out's Andy Johnson investigates why nobody has ever been brought to trial and looks at the effect the attack had on the regeneration of the city centre.

Jimmy McGovern, young carers, and female farmers
We go behind the scenes of Jimmy McGovern's new drama The Street. Plus the lives of young carers in the North West. And an insight into the world of two sisters who farm high in the Peak.

Tsunami aftermath, declining pubs, and con man crime
Inside Out presents a special investigation into the aftermath of the Tsunami. Plus new live for declining pubs. And the con man, "The Watchman" who targeted the elderly in the North West.

Ticket sales, Cosgrove Studios, and heritage photographs
The dangers for music fans as concert tickets are offered on-line which don't exist. We go behind the scenes at Manchester's Cosgrove Hall which celebrates 30 years of animation. And a treasure trove of previously lost photographs.

Child soldier
How a 14-year-old boy from Manchester became the youngest ever army officer, and led his troops over the top on the fateful first day of the Battle of the Somme.

Buffalo Bill, cosmetic surgery, and Rivington's gardens
Buffalo Bill brought his Wild West Show to Manchester in 1888. Plus what happens when cosmetic surgery goes wrong. And one of the hidden gems of the North West - Rivington.

African art adventure, genealogy, and missing man
A group of carpentry students from Manchester build a replica of an ancient Egyptian ship in the Sahara. The surge in interest in genealogy. Plus Steven Cook - missing North West man in Crete.

Tsunami revisited, stunt school, and Lancaster bomber
We return to Thailand a year after the Tsunami. We visit Britain's first stunt school. Plus the Lancaster Bomber, and those who helped build this iconic plane.

Series 8 (Sept-Nov 2005)

Blind driver, Bluebird, and drama
A blind speed driver, Donald Campbell's Bluebird, and a new drama set in Manchester during the 1970s.

Clarion House, knives, and allotments
At the height of the Industrial Revolution, Lancashire was teeming with cotton mills - Clarion House provided a respite for its workers. Plus the increase in knife crime. And the craze for allotments

Pakistan Earthquake
Andy Johnson reports on the impact of the Pakistan earthquake in the North West of England.

Homelessness, fashion, and nuclear bunker
Inside Out meets one man who's taking helping the homeless one step further - by putting roofs over their heads. Plus fashion design in the North West. And nuclear bunkers in the Cold War.

Brownfield development, skateboarding, and Roman treasure
The North West has more so-called brownfield development than anywhere else in the country outside of London. Plus the region's skateboarding star. And on the trail of Roman treasure.

Liverpool's evacuees, the Bootleg Beatles and bird flu
Inside Out goes on tour with the granddaddy of all tribute bands, The Bootleg Beatles. Plus Liverpool's evacuees reunited. And how prepared are we for an outbreak of bird flu in the North West?

Series 7 (Jan-March 2005)

Football and fashion
Inside Out meets Eugene Dadi, the Tranmere Rovers striker who has launched a range of designer fashion.

The fortunes of the Petulengros
The Petulengro Gypsies are still predicting the future for hundreds of holidaymakers.
Beatles heritage under threat
With Ringo Starr's birthplace under threat of demolition, is Liverpool's heritage being wrongly sacrificed?
Thetis submarine disaster
In 1939 the Royal Navy suffered its worst ever submarine disaster just 40 miles from where it was built in Birkenhead.
Life threatening allergies
With food and chemical allergies, entering a classroom can be a matter of life or death for Chloe.
Avoiding becoming a victim
Inside Out enlists discovers if body language can prevent you falling prey to muggers.
Tsunami disaster
In the aftermath of the Asian tsunami disaster, Inside Out meets one man who spent his savings to go overseas to try and help those worst-hit by the crisis.
The language of laughter
What do George Formby, Les Dawson, and Peter Kay all have in common? Aside from being among some of the nation's top comedians, they all have North West accents. Coincidence? Or is the North West accent naturally more comedic?
Trouble on the tracks
Inside Out gains exclusive access to join rail cops to discover how the British Transport Police are targeting crime along North West rail routes.

Series 6 (Sept-Nov 2004)

Explosive entertainment
Industrial fireworks are meant to be used to wow the public during professional displays, run by professional handlers. But on Merseyside, criminal gangs have been turning them into bombs, with devastating results.
Changing face of Britain
For most British women, reaching 60 means it's time to enjoy life. It's a milestone to be celebrated, when all women are entitled to claim their old age pension and forget about the worries of work. That is, all women except Donna, because she is a someone with a secret past.
A superstar silenced
Imagine you are one of the world's top opera singers. You have riches and fame beyond your belief - all thanks to your voice. Now imagine you wake up one day and that voice is gone. That's what happened to Salford's singing sensation Russell Watson.
The peacemakers
Alcohol related disruptive behaviour is commonplace in many cities across the UK, but as Inside Out reveals, one North West town thinks it has the answer. We follow one of their 'peacemakers', as they set out to make the streets safer for us all.
The river Leven
Flowing out of Windermere, the Leven is one of the most idyllic rivers in England. Running through the spectacular Lakeland scenery it is a water-lovers dream, but as Inside Out North West discovers, looks can be deceiving.
Living on the water
Fancy a bit of city living? It's what every upwardly mobile person is hunting in 2004, but with city centre property prices going through the roof what is the answer? Inside Out North West does a bit of lateral thinking and comes up with a new type of "liquid asset" for city slickers.
Premium bonds
If your dreams of becoming rich are fuelled by that chance of hitting the lottery jackpot, or choosing the right number on the roulette wheel, it seems you may be backing the wrong horse.
City of Benares
Turn the clock back 64 years and imagine yourself in the middle of the North Atlantic. Now imagine you are a passenger on a ship that has been hit by a torpedo and is sinking, fast. This was reality for Beth Williams, who is about to meet the man who tried to kill her.
Behind the Liverpool lens
His photographs have remained hidden treasures to most enthusiasts, but that is all about to change as The National Trust gets set to open Edward Chambre Hardman's former house to the public for the first time.

Series 5 (Jan-Feb 2004)

Steroids - A dangerous new trend
Inside Out reveals that image-conscious males in the North West are turning to drugs in the hope of perfect bodies. They’re using anabolic steroids - and it’s for looks rather than sporting performance.
Concorde has returned to Manchester - for good. The flagship of British Airways’ fleet of seven supersonic aircraft is now a permanent exhibit at Manchester Airport.

Caged fighter
Lots of people lead double lives - but Inside Out met someone whose two passions couldn’t be further apart. Meet Rosi Sexton - doctor of mathematics by day, caged fighter by night!

Sam Hanna's film legacy
One genius Burnley film-maker has left an extraordinary record of life in the North West, spanning over 60 years. Inside out discovers why Sam Hanna is hailed the Lowry of Film.

The cruise scene
Fast cars, stunts and an element of risk - is the cruise scene a harmless arena for enthusiasts to show off their motors, or a dangerous venue for illegal activities to be staged?

Series 4 (Sept-Oct 2003)

Pampered pets
Forget designer coats or diamond studded leads - the ultimate in pet pampering is the UK’s first pet resort. But is it any good, and is it a step too far?

Jeffrey Hodgson - The search for answers
Jeffrey Hodgson was 38 when he disappeared in Ibiza, but he had the mental age of an eight year old. When Jeffrey’s body was found, it should have been an end to a tragic story for his family. But it was the beginning of a mystery.
Chester's extraordinary dig
One of the most important archaeological sites in Britain is emerging in Poulton near Chester.The site's ancient finds and Hollywood connections make it no ordinary dig.
Green lanes row
The Lake District has always been thought of as the North West's playground - but there's a row going on between people who use it. Should it just be for walkers and climbers, or can 4x4s and trail bikes use it as well?

Life after obesity surgery
A Manchester woman has shed a staggering seven stone since she underwent drastic surgery. It was a desperate attempt costing over £10,000 to salvage her health from obesity.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Many people have obsessions - football, cleaning, checking that they’ve locked the door. But Inside Out meets three people who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and it’s dramatically affecting their lives.

A group in Liverpool are on a mission to find answers to a spate of unsolved UFO sightings along the River Mersey corridor.

Series 3 (Jun-Jul 2003)

Record rise in HIV cases
The North West has seen an explosion in cases of the AIDS virus HIV, a new report claims. Experts warn that the only way to halt further escalation is to practise safe sex.
Just when you thought he’d packed his bags and jetted to Madrid, David Beckham is cutting it in a Manchester hairdressing salon. Well, that’s what you’d think if you glanced through the salon’s window...
Fly tipping
Fly tipping is becoming an increasing problem in the North West. It often poses a danger to public health and is costing the Environment Agency huge amounts of money.
Local produce - Healthy but scarce
Experts say that locally grown, reared or produced food is incredibly healthy. But Inside Out discovers that obtaining it in the North West is too much like hard work!
Big cats in Cumbria
Witness reports suggest that a family of big cats have made their home in the rugged Cumbrian countryside. But do they really exist? Inside Out talks to startled eye witnesses and doubtful experts…
Piel Island
Tony Morris travels to Piel Island to meet the King and receive a coveted Knighthood. Inside Out follows Tony’s voyage and uncovers the unique history of this tiny North West Island.
Everest mystery
Celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing’s ascent of Mount Everest have reopened debate about whether they were actually the first to climb the world’s tallest mountain.
Supermum extends family
Alex Bell has won a prestigious Carer of the Year award, met Sir Paul McCartney and had her garden transformed by Handy Andy. But she says none of this compares to welcoming new additions to her family.

Series 2 (Jan-Mar 2003)

Tattoo removal
Tattoos seem like a good idea at the time. But has the current craze, especially among young women, had its day? Inside Out investigates and looks at how to avoid future regrets.
Battling obesity with surgery
Fighting her weight has been a life-long battle for Lynn Greenberg. Convinced her excess weight will eventually kill her, she recently underwent drastic surgery.
Warrington bombing - 10 years on
It's ten years since the IRA attacked Warrington and killed two children. Inside Out looks back on the bombings and the resulting Post Traumatic Stress that is still being felt.
Mancunian Films
Mancunian Film Studios, based in Rusholme, was known as Manchester’s piece of Hollywood. A new project is aiming to bring those films back to the North West.
Birds in Merseyside
Merseyside is now a haven for winged wildlife, due to improvements in water quality in the Mersey. Discover the amazing variety of birds in the area and how they are keeping the local airport busy.
Salford supermum
Inside Out meets Salford supermum, Alex Bell. Single mother Alex has devoted her life to her seven adopted children who all have Down’s syndrome.
Crime and punishment in Merseyside
In Liverpool, there is a real drama about the kind of punishment burglars should receive. Inside Out introduces offenders to victims of crime to discuss 'soft sentences'.
Manchester's Victoria Baths
Named after the great Queen who’d recently died, Victoria Baths were the jewel in the Crown of Manchester Corporation’s Baths and Wash House Committee. Now a campaign is underway to restore them.
Asbestos victims' compensation battle
Asbestos is Britain’s biggest industrial killer. Hundreds of people in the North West alone are dying from asbestos-related cancer.
Cheshire's police village
Deep in the heart of Cheshire, there’s a 'village' that has uncountable incidents of petty theft, domestic disputes and public disorder. Drink drivers and shoplifters freely roam the streets.
Cosmetic surgery for men
There’s been a surprising explosion in vanity surgery for men. Inside Out investigates with the help of Mike Wood and his first hand experience.

Series 1 (Sept-Nov 2002)

Curry - The nation's favourite dish
Curries are now a regular part of life in the North West. Rusholme's curry mile in Manchester has offered a diverse range of foods from the Asian subcontinent since the 1960s. But did you know that curries were eaten in the North West as early as the 18th century?

Stockport air disaster
The Stockport air disaster in 1967 was one of the most shocking plane crashes of recent years. Today the disaster is a distant memory and many have forgotten its unsung heroes. But the men and women who risked their own lives to save others are finally being honoured three decades later.

Muncaster Castle
It is said to be one of the country’s most haunted castles, but Muncaster Castle may soon have another reason to be on the tourist map. Archaeologists suggest the site may have been the location for a large Roman fort to rival that of Chester.
Tracing your family tree
Interest in family history is growing in the North West with an increasing number of people tracing their family trees. We've been looking at the remarkable boom in genealogy.
Retired racehorses
Carrie runs an equestrian rehabilitation centre in a tiny Lancashire village near Preston. She and the team work closely with former racehorses, trying to prepare them for a life away from the race track.
Rats on the rampage
"Rats, rats, rats! Hundreds, thousands, millions of them." This is a line from Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. But reality is getting closer to the fiction in the North West as there’s been a dramatic increase in the rat population recently.

The Alexander Archive
Hitler at Nuremberg, King George V at Liverpool’s Sefton Park, the Queen and Prince Philip in New Zealand - it’s incredible to believe that all this was shot by just one woman on a cine camera more than 80 years ago.

Crime writing capital of England
With an array of authors, a series of fictitious crimes scenes and a dedicated festival, the North West is turning into the crime fiction capital of the UK. Inside Out has discovered there are more crime writers based in the North West than anywhere else in the country.
Dark secrets in Dark Peak
Dubbed the Bermuda triangle of the North West, Dark Peak has been the scene of over 50 plane crashes in 30 years. Inside Out uncovers just one of the great mysteries hidden in Derbyshire’s Bermuda Triangle.
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