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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - North East & Cumbria: Archive

Series 11 (January-March 2007)

Joe AllonClimate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming across England, and asks if the situation is as dire as many scientists predict.

Nature and climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming on wildlife across England. Plus photo gallery

Glenn McCrory
The North East's most successful boxer is a man with an Olympic dream. Glenn wants to bring the cream of world boxing to the North East of England.

Ever had the feeling you are being watched on camera? We've calculated there are a quarter of a million CCTV cameras spying on us in the North.

Spiritual healer
David Cunningham, a spiritual healer from Wearside, claims to have healing hands - the ability to channel energy from God to cure the sick.

Sunderland and the history of Pyrex, a revolutionary type of glass that became a "must-have" in kitchens throughout the world.

Tyneside - hotbed of football?
For decades English football's beating heart belonged in the North East of England. So why is the England team virtually a Geordie free zone? Plus web chat with Joe Allon.

Racism on Tyneside?
The recent Big Brother headlines show that racism remains a hotly debated topic in the UK. Former housemate Narinder Kaur presents her own personal view of race relations in Newcastle.

Seven Heroes
The North East has been a hotbed for new bands breaking into the mainstream over the last five years. We meet Seven Heroes who are on the verge of the big time.

What is it like to have no home? Radio Newcastle's Mike Parr decided to find out for himself just what it's like not knowing where - or if - you'll get a bed. Plus web chat with Mike Parr.

Easington's quality of life
According to many independent studies, Easington comes out at the bottom of quality of life leagues. Inside Out takes Newcastle goalkeeper Steve Harper back to the place where he was born.

Countering climate change
North East and Cumbria residents are amongst the most apathetic in the UK, when it comes to the greening of our planet.

Series 10 (Autumn 2006)

Sunderland parking update
Inside Out updates our investigation into s serious problems in Sunderland's car parking enforcement system.

Eastern European Immigration
There are now 40,000 eastern Europeans working in the North East, roughly the same size as a small town like Hartlepool. Inside Out investigates how the Auf Wiedersehen Pet concept of North East workers going abroad for work has been turned upside down.

Nikki Allan murder, Sunderland Empire and boxing
Fourteen years ago Nikki Allan, a seven-year-old girl, was murdered on Wear Garth estate in Sunderland. We meet her mother who is fighting for justice. Plus The Sunderland Empire is celebrating its 100th birthday. And behind the training regime of boxer Michael Hunter.

Green living, collectors and Newcastle Library
Every year thousands of tons of rubbish is thrown away in the North East and Cumbria. So what should we be doing to become more environmentally friendly? Plus the obsessive collectors. And future plans for Newcastle Library.

Mobile phones and driving, and haafnetting
Using a mobile phone whilst driving is something that many drivers still do, despite the fact that the Government banned drivers from using hand held mobiles three years ago. Plus haaf netting on the Solway Firth.

War pardons
Inside Out looks at the campaign for the WW1 victims to be pardoned by the British Government.

Car parking
An Inside Out special on parking enforcement problems in Sunderland.

Atlantic rowers, National Lottery and the Heron murder case
Join the Vivaldi Atlantic expedition on its perilous expedition. Plus the Heron murder case. And the impact the National Lottery has made on the North East and Cumbria.

Punk rock
Arturo Bassick presents a special on North East punk music. Plus the County Durham man who has come up with a new way to remember our loved ones. And the teenage backpacker who took the brave step of waiving her anonymity as a rape victim.

Byker Grove, Meadowell and the Durham Miners' Gala
We talk to the former stars of Byker Grove. Plus a look back at the Meadowell riots. And re revisit the iconic Durham Miners' Gala.

Series 9 (January-March 2006)

Pakistan ship breaking, puppy dealers, and story updates
Ghost ships in Teesside and how other British navy ships are being scrapped in Pakistan. Plus an update on our exclusive puppy dealer investigation, the BALTIC, knife crime, and more...

Roadside shrines, referees, and pickles
Every year over 3,400 people are killed on our roads. Increasingly relatives and friends of the victims are creating roadside shrines in memory of their loved ones. Plus the shortage of referees. And the humble pickle is given a modern makeover.

Real Father for Justice, funerals, and Clarence Adoo
Inside Out investigates alternative funerals and meets one of Britain's most controversial funeral directors. Plus we join Real Fathers for Justice as they prepare for their latest campaign. And trumpet player Clarence Adoo's amazing story.

Reckless Romeo, tuna fishing, and Chris Baxter
The extraordinary story of one young man, seven young women - and their seven children. Plus tuna tales - could game fishing is making a return in Scarborough? And Chris Baxter wants to be a role model for women going through cancer surgery.

Ronnie Campbell, cheque fraud, and Whitby's slave trade
Ronnie Campbell, MP, is reunited with the brother he didn't know he had. Plus the North East's multi million pound cheque fraud. And Whitby's links to the slave trade.

The trade in sick puppies
In a special investigation Inside Out tackles the men running a trade in sick puppies brought into the North East - and uncovers their connection to the greyhound racing world.

Walter Mitty man, Ali Johnson, and Daisy Hill heritage
The man who became famous for being a Walter Mitty figure - Mike Kenny. Plus the tale of former rugby player Ali Johnson as he comes to terms with his injuries. And we visit Daisy Hill, a council estate at Walkergate in Newcastle's East End.

Norman Cornish, Durham's hidden gardens, and wifi crime
Norman Cornish is one of the North East's most popular living artists. Plus a secret garden on Durham's River Wear that was once playground for the City's wealthy gentry. And the virtual burglars who are committing wifi crime.

Knife crime, Tsunami, and wrestling
Knife crime is at an all time high in the North East of England - we visit Teesside to investigate. Plus the Tsunami revisited one year on. And the growing craze for wrestling.

Series 8 (September-November 2005)

Bluebird, CADASIL, and Lottery winner
The controversy over Donald Campbell's Bluebird. Plus the CADASIL health breakthrough. And the North East woman who hit the headlines when she was given a Lottery hand out by her step dad.

Police chief, Paganism and aviation archaeology
Inside Out looks at the new Chief Constable with high profile operations tackling drugs and anti social behaviour. Plus Paganism in the North East and Cumbria. And aviation archaeology.

Pakistan Earthquake
We look at the trauma faced by the North East and Cumbrian families with no news about loved ones caught up in the South Asia earthquake.

Baby machine, nuclear bunker, and Berwick body builder
Inside Out this week reports on the extraordinary machine that is the last hope for very sick babies. Plus north Yorkshire's nuclear bunker. And the female body builder hitting the headlines.

BALTIC special
Inside Out presents a special programme uncovering some of the financial secrets of Tyneside's new BALTIC art gallery.

Scrounger, pigeon fanciers and Middlesbrough style
Inside Out meets the woman dubbed Britain's biggest scrounger and hears her side of the case. Plus pigeon fancying. And Middlesbrough is fast becoming a fashion capital.

Great North Run, reality TV, and Frank Meadow Sutcliffe
Are small charities being priced out of the Great North Run? Plus the original reality star looks back. And Whitby in pictures through the lens of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.

Series 7 (Jan-March 2005)

Bedlington Miners
Director Ken Russell revisits Northumberland 45 years after 'The Bedlington Miners' Picnic'.
Admiral Collingwood
Admiral Collingwood's presence is everywhere in the North East, but who was this forgotten hero?
Charvers have been called "the new ruling class", a modern breed of uncouth yobs, and "a peasant underclass".
What the butler saw
Inside Out follows the Tyneside butler who has traded Hebburn for Hollywood for a life inside High Hefner's Playboy mansion.
Carlisle floods
Inside Out spent a week with a family affected by the Carlisle floods.
Facial disfigurement
Having a facial blemish or disfigurement can be a painful psychological problem.
South Pole
North East couple, the Dickinsons, have completed a record breaking trip to the South Pole.
Car cloning
Gangs in the North East are making thousands of pounds from this car cloning.
Light pollution
Light pollution is getting worse with Teesside and Tyneside the worst affected areas outside London. They are also the fastest growing black spots in the country.
Geordie Dialect
Geordie is one of the oldest and best loved of Britain's dialects. But modern times mean that some Geordie words are dying out and North Easterners are changing how they speak.
Grave concern - cemeteries in crisis
The dangerous condition of headstones in cemeteries is causing grave concern in the North East and Cumbria.

Series 6 (Sept-Nov 2004)

The dying doesn't stop after the war
History recounts the awful cost of war - the dead, the maimed and the destruction. But we are now learning more of a hidden cost that often only shows itself when soldiers return home. Battlefield trauma can come with a heavy price.
Handing on the baton
When ordinary mortals among us are propping up our feet on the dog and supping a cup of hot tea, there are a few dedicated, and some would say obsessed, athletes going through purgatory.
A footballer's wedge
With all the shenanigans going on in football, a yellow card here, a court appearance there, are we all happy with what our iconic players are being paid? We hit the streets to find out the reality behind the pay.
Days of terrible tiredness
In this special Inside Out film, we follow Julia Darling’s video diary revealing her passionate belief in the power of creative writing in the knowledge of her advanced breast cancer. You can also follow her video diary online, and read some of her poetry.
Tommy Simpson - Remembering a sensation
Tommy Simpson was one of Britain's most successful cyclists, yet his memory is plagued with controversy after he "rode himself to death". Tommy's nephew Chris Jackson joins Inside Out to follow the story and see how it has affected the cycling world.
Stella Vine
When Charles Saatchi bought two of her paintings in early 2004 Stella Vine rocketed into the media spotlight. Inside Out North East meets this former stripper from Alnwick who has become the latest sensation in "Brit Art".
Speed - Selling on points
Speed cameras are here to stay - at least in most places. And with the ever growing number of cameras, comes the cunning speedster - Inside Out zooms in on the growing crime of 'selling on' points.
Collision course
We are constantly being reassured that flying is the safest form of transport. But with the growth of the region's airports, and the presence of the RAF, is the North East at greater risk from mid-air collisions?
The Likely Lads
It's 40 years since The Likely Lads first hit our TV screens. Inside Out pays tribute to this comedy classic which is as fresh and funny today as it was when it was first screened.

Series 5 (Jan-Feb 2004)

Thousands of the North's youngsters leave primary school not being able to swim. Former footballer Peter Beardsley was one of them. So what can be done to make non swimmers take the plunge?
Muhammad Ali in South Shields
Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer of his generation. But in 1977 he swapped his boxing gloves to make a charity trip to South Shields. Inside Out looks back at this memorable visit.
The poetry of war
Soldier-poets brought the reality of the horrors of the 'Great War' to life on the page. Inside Out visits the trenches to learn more.
Sleep easy
We all look forward to a good night's sleep. But for snorers and their bed fellows, the night time can be a total nightmare. Inside Out takes to the beds of the north in search of a snoring remedy.
Bra drama and the calendar girls
The famous Calendar Girls look great naked but they can't quite get it right when it comes to putting their bras back on! Our search for the perfect bra proves to be an uplifting experience for these model girls.

Series 4 (Sept-Oct 2003)

Drugs and driving
Tough measures to crack down on drivers who have taken drugs will be introduced in late 2003. Inside Out looks at what this means for drug users.
Yvonne Ridley
British journalist Yvonne Ridley was captured by the Talibans two years ago. Find out why Ridley has converted to Islam following her ordeal.
Women and binge drinking
Binge drinking among women is becoming a serious problem in the North East. They are causing irreversible damage to their bodies and are unaware of the dangers of alcohol.
Million pound properties
If you had £1 million to spend on your dream home, what would it be? Join Julia Hankin as she travels around the region to find out just what money can buy!
Jimmy 'Five Bellies' Gardner
Jimmy Gardner is a Gateshead lad who shot to fame through his friendship with Paul Gascoigne. The man and his media image are two different people.
Craghead revisited
Angela Bruce, well-known actress of stage and screen revisits her former home town of Craghead in County Durham. Join her as she looks back at how this mining community has changed.
Divers have discovered the wartime graves of 58 German submariners on two wrecked submarines in the North Sea. It's a mystery waiting to be solved.
Smoking ban looms
As the anti-smoking lobby grows, many pubs and restaurants are thinking about banning smoking. Inside Out looks at whether North Easterners will be fuming mad if no smoking bans get the go-ahead.

Series 3 (Jun-Jul 2003)

Fake football shirts
It's the pride and joy of any self respecting football fan but is the shirt on your back the real McCoy? Inside Out investigates counterfeit football shirts.
Tyne Bridge
It's the bridge that Geordies come home for. The Tyne Bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. We turn back time and recall the building of this famous Tyneside icon.
Vasovagal Syncope
The Falls and Syncope Unit at the RVI in Newcastle has pioneered a treatment which has transformed the lives of those suffering from falls.
Culture clash
We take a look behind the scenes at NewcastleGateshead's unsuccessful bid to be European Capital of Culture 2008.
Geocaching is the new hi-tech craze sweeping the country. We take you on this modern treasure hunt.
Capital of culture?
We take London art critic Brian Sewell on a cultural tour of Tyneside. Inside Out questions him on whether the area is the cultural desert that he imagines.

Series 2 (Jan-Mar 2003)

Kite surfing
Kite surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in Britain. Redcar on the Teesside coast is the hottest place to do it outside of Hawaii. Find out why.
T.Dan Smith
T.Dan Smith was known as 'Mr Newcastle' in the 1960s. His vision of the city as 'the Brasilia of the North' is now being re-assessed by a new generation of visionaries.
It's pure bare-faced cheek. Imagine streaking stark naked in front of a crowd of strangers. But why do streakers get such a thrill from stripping off in public?
Buddhism is renowned for its philosophy of spiritual enlightenment. Inside Out investigates how converts to this religion can turn around their lives.
Foundlings - Abandoned at birth
Find out how one child left in a phone box tried to track down the mother who discarded her in a phone box in County Durham.
Wearside Jack - the Sunderland ripper
The Yorkshire Ripper was Britain's most notorious serial killer. But who was the Sunderland hoaxer who claimed to be the Ripper? And could he have been the Peter Sutcliffe's accomplice?
The spy who came in from the cold
Victor Makarov is the real life spy who came in from the cold. We catch up with the Soviet double agent who swopped his career in Moscow for a solitary life in Northern England.
The People's Kitchen
Homelessness is a familiar and depressing feature of our streets. One charity in Newcastle is tackling the problem with a food 'shelter' called the People's Kitchen.
Talented kids
The North East has a wealth of young, talented, ambitious kids. But to realise their dreams, they are forced to leave home and head for the bright lights of London.

Series 1 (Sept-Nov 2002)

Baywatch challenge
To make life a little easier for people with disabilities, the Blue Badge Scheme regulates parking concessions in England. But as Chris Jackson and Tanni Grey-Thompson discovered, it’s a scheme that’s open to abuse.
North East goths
For many of us a Goth is a strange-looking creature that resembles a cross between a vampire and a zombie. In reality, Goths are ordinary people who like dressing up and enjoy being part of a lifestyle that is just a little bit unusual.
Cruisers in conflict
Hundreds of cars are attracted to Team Valley in Gateshead on a Saturday night. Young car fanatics, also referred to as ‘cruisers’, congregate there to exhibit their cars.
Cheap drinks and hard drinking
We all love a couple of pints but when two drinks turn into twelve, it's time to ask if the cheap drinks revolution has gone too far.
Public conveniences
Public conveniences are familiar sight on our streets but could they are increasingly becoming an inconvenience for local councils.
Inside Out's Chris Jackson goes behind the closed doors of one of the region's naturist camps and explores life in the nude.
Transvestite weddings
Cross dressing is big business in the north and wedding weekends are special occasions. Inside Out joined a group of cross-dressers for a weekend in Scarborough to discover what lies behind the white veils and size 11 slippers.
Birds of prey under threat
A rare bird of prey whose numbers are in decline, the hen harrier is under threat. Its predator? - man and a particular type of man at that - as Inside Out finds out.
Life in a convent
Making a film about nuns with former Big Brother star Anna Nolan proved to be a fascinating experience for the Inside Out team.
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