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28 October 2014
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   Inside Out - East: Monday November 1, 2004


The Music Masters quiz team
Pub quiz regulars battle it out for first prize

At first glance Bedford's contribution to pop music may not be too obvious, but step inside the Anchor pub and you'll be in the home of one of the country's longest running pub pop quizzes.

You may know who is in the top 10 this week, but how about this week in 1994, '84 or even '74?

If you're going to be in with a chance at the Anchor pub pop quiz, then you'd better find out.

Inside Out's Jess Whittaker joins the "Sweet FA" quiz team for some mind stretching music trivia guaranteed to get your brain cells whirring and your toes tapping.

Starter for 10

The Anchor pub in Bedford has been hosting pub quizzes for the last 10 years.

Quiz master Jon Kutner prides himself on digging out long forgotten hits designed to stump even the most avid music boffin.

Mario insists he is no anorak just a music lover

"The appeal is watching people scratch their head and try and find the answers," explains Jon.

"I love trying to catch people out."

To be in with any sort of a chance Jess "gens" up with "Sweet FA's" music guru and hair salon owner Mario.

"I really enjoy hairdressing but I live for the weekends because I love my pub quiz and I love my music."

Like all good quiz teams, "Sweet FA" members each have their own specialist subjects ranging from soul to grunge.

But the team insist they are not trivia anoraks, but simply music lovers who enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the quiz.

That and the small matter of the £300 prize money awarded to the winning team.

Sweet FA team in Mario's salon
"Sweet FA" are preened in preparation for the quiz

Not surprisingly then, the quiz is highly competitive.

"We get five or six teams who will strive to do their utmost," explains Jon.

"They will read books, listen to B sides, they'll just live music for a week."

Phil Burrows from "Sweet FA" agrees.

"People do take it very competitively. You really want to win and it's great when you do, but to actually get into the top five, you have to know your stuff."

And if you don't?

There have been a handful of cheaters over the years, but Jon insists he is quick to reprimand the culprits.

"I've caught one or two people texting for answers. A quiet word normally does the trick."

Jon Kutner
Jon delves deep into his LP collection

But with their vast array of music knowledge and their secret weapon Jess, texting is the last thing on our team's mind.

Pens at the ready

"Sweet FA" are primed and ready to take on rival teams and have a good stab at the title.

With more than a few tricky tunes, the team come in third beaten by "The Music Masters" who scoop the prize shield for this week.

For Jon it's back to the LPs to hunt out more ear-teasing tunes for next Sunday and for "Sweet FA", there's a whole week's worth of music listening to look forward to.

The pub quiz competition is now closed, but if you want to find out how you did, read on.

  1. Q. Brian Poole was born in Barking , Essex, but what as his number one hit as lead singer with the Tremeloes in 1963?
    A. Do You Love Me

  2. Q. Madness shot the video for their number one hit at the Great Yarmouth funfair, but what was the single called?
    A. House Of Fun

  3. Q. The Prodigy's Liam Howlett comes from Dunmow in Essex. Name the Prodigy's first UK number one hit.
    A. Firestarter

  4. Q. Paul Nicholas comes from Peterborough, but what was the name title of hit number 8 hit in 1976?
    A. Dancing with The Captain

  5. Q. Bauhaus' Peter Murphy was born in Wellingborough, which David Bowie song did Bauhaus have a hit with?
    A. Ziggy Stardust

  6. Q. Which Bedfordshire town did John Travolta have a hit with?
    A. Sandy

  7. Q. Ian Dury was one of Essex's most musicians. Which underground station appears in the title of one of his albums?
    A. Upminster

  8. Q. Which Buckinghamshire town did the Style Council welcome us to in 1985?
    A. Milton Keynes

  9. Q. Duran Duran's Simon le Bon was born in Bushey, Herts. How many UK number one single did Duran Duran have?
    A. Two - Is There Something I Should Know and The Reflex

  10. Q. The comedian and former Eastenders actor Mike Reid lives in Essex. What was his novelty Top 10 hit of 1975?
    A. The Ugly Duckling
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