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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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  Inside Out East: Monday January 26, 2004


Church in Canewdon, Essex
Canewdon's 14th Century village church

Inside Out follows a team of ghost hunters in the historic village of Canewdon, Essex.

Is the village pub haunted? And why are the ghost hunters so passionate about following spirits?

Canewdon is steeped in folklore. The church dates back to the 14th Century and, legend has it, that if you run anti-clockwise round it on Halloween, the Devil will appear.


The Anchor pub has been the location of some seriously weird phenomena.

Francesca Roche
Francesca has seen many odd incidences

Landlady Francesca Roche claims to have seen TV remote controls flying across the room, heard mysterious baby cries and smelt unexplained perfume. Staff at the pub say they’ve witnessed knifes travelling across the pub’s kitchen.

Francesca says, "I don’t mind it too much, as long as I’m not on my own. I won’t lock up on my own."


The ghost in question is supposedly a young woman called Sarah. Back in the 1500s she had an affair with a wealthy landowner and became pregnant.

The man’s wife found out and told him to lock Sarah away. She was held in the building that later became the Anchor pub. After having the baby, Sarah was murdered.


Paranormal Dimensions is a team of Ghost Hunters from Great Yarmouth. Inside Out followed their search for hard evidence, to prove the existence of the Anchor pub’s supernatural visitors.

The founder of the group is Neil Fellowes. He works as a taxi driver, but ghost hunting is his passion. He’s spent a small fortune buying cameras and recording devices.

Neil became interested in ghosts as a nine-year-old boy, after seeing a ghost in his parent's pub.

Neil Fellowes
For Neil, ghost hunting is more than a hobby

Neil says, "This black shape moved across the hook of the staircase and walked by me. It was a lady dressed in Victorian garb.

"I sat there in complete shock and horror… which turned into total fear when she disappeared into a wall."

Talking about the group he founded, he says, "There's always the possibility that this is a waste of time.

"Personal experience has brought me to this stage where I can now get out armed with a little bit of knowledge and find my own answers."


The team take their job seriously and try to be as scientific and objective as possible.

Their methods of investigation involve:

  • Using Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) detectors
  • Talking to ghosts, and asking them to leave messages on recording devices
  • Using infrared cameras to record Orbs

Orbs are described by the team as areas of light detected on an infrared camera. Some people believe they are the spirit of a dead person.

The verdict…

The jury is still out on whether the team managed to catch a ghost. But Inside Out witnessed the following occurrences:

  • The EMF detector recording readings that went off the scale - although this could be linked to the wiring in the walls
  • Several potential orb sightings - these could be dust particles or small insects
  • Local medium Andrew Woodley says he was contacted by a spirit called Robert who was angry and distressed

Neil Fellowes took part in an online question and answer session, where YOU quizzed him about the Anchor Pub investigation and ghost hunting in general. Read it here.

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