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Terbaru  22 September 2014 - 22:30 WIB
  • Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Around 85% of voters turned out to vote in the referendum. A total of 2,001,926 people voted 'No' to independence, whilst 1,617,989 voted 'Yes'.

    22 September 2014

  • Walking or cycling to work instead of driving a car can improve people's feelings of health and happiness.

    15 September 2014

  • Six deadly substances, some over a century old, have been discovered in government laboratories in the United States.

    9 September 2014

  • A great number of people have gone to Folkestone beach in the South East of England to dig for gold after a German artist announced he's buried 30 bars worth £10,000.

    1 September 2014

  • Bank of America has agreed to pay a record $16.7bn to US authorities for selling bad mortgage loans that helped start the 2008 financial crisis.

    25 Agustus 2014

  • Kisah perenang tertua yang menyeberangi Selat Inggris dan dampak botox bagi kanker menjadi bahan pelajaran bahasa Inggris BBC kali ini.

    21 Agustus 2014

  • Goalkeepers facing penalty shootouts make a predictable mistake that could influence the outcome, say researchers.

    4 Agustus 2014

  • Warning emails are to be sent to people in the UK who are downloading music and films illegally.

    21 Juli 2014

  • An Egyptian statue held in a museum in Britain has been sold for £15.76m at Christie's of London, despite protests by the Egyptian government and the Arts Council in England.

    14 Juli 2014

  • A new report says that wild Asian elephants are being held in horrific conditions in Myanmar as smugglers try to resume a money-making trade to the tourist camps of Thailand.

    7 Juli 2014

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