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(1879 -- 1955)
Born in Ulm, Germany.
Physicist, creator of the theory of relativity.
In 1921, Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

Abraham Pais:
"And in the letter she writes: "Little Albert is doing brilliantly again this year, again he is number one in his class." I think it's perhaps interesting to mention this, because there is a widespread misconception that he was a poor pupil. He was not poor - (n)either in elementary school (n)or in high school. I've seen his grades. But, he didn't like school. I mean, he didn't care for disciplined learning.

"He was not all that terribly popular with his teachers. One of his teachers said to him: "Einstein, you're a very smart boy, but you have just one problem - you never let yourself be told anything."

His special theory of relativity and general theory of relativity revolutionised science and our concept of time. Many scientists disagreed with them. International fame came to Einstein in 1919. In March 1919 a total eclipse of the sun verified one of his theories about light rays.



to mention - megemlíteni
widespread misconception - széles körben elterjedt hamis nézet
elemenetary school - általános iskola
high school - középiskola
grades - iskolai jegyek
disciplined learning - fegyelmezett, kötött keretek között történő tanulás
smart - okos, intelligens
special theory of relativity - sajátos relativitás elmélet
general theory of relativity - általános relativitás elmélet
to revolutionise - forradalmasítani
concept - fogalom, felfogás
scientists - tudósok
to disagree - nem érteni egyet vkvel, vmvel,
international fame - nemzetközi hírnév
total eclipse of the sun - teljes napfogyatkozás
to verify - igazolni
light rays - fénysugarak
he is doing brilliantly - nagyon jó eredményeket ér el, nagyon jól halad
a poor pupil - doesn't do well at school - gyenge tanuló
you never let yourself be told anything - soha nem hallgatsz meg senkit, soha nem hagyod, hogy modjanak neked valamit

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