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24 September 2014

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A series of shots showing the area around Alice Springs in Australia

Digital Story

The Dreamtime by Peter Michael Jagger

Tell us about yourself:
I have long worked on my own account as a photographer and have found from experience that I enjoy travel, especially to hot places - given the proviso that I have no difficulty with the language and can sleep in insect free air-conditioned comfort not too far from a supply of the highest quality beer.

My artistic inclinations have led me inexorably toward computer processed work. Having written four novels and 20 short stories over the last four years, this opportunity seemed tailor-made.

What’s your story about?
This might have been a designed travelogue, but I was moved to say something of my experience at the Red Centre of Australia after standing by the dry sand bed of the Todd River in Alice Springs. The gentle wind carries the just audible sound of forty thousand years plus of aboriginal history: conversations, stories and celebrations. Try it.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
In 1933 a seventeen-year-old-boy from Melbourne, Ted Donaghue, came to the West Riding for three years to learn the wool trade. He was befriended by my father, who was the same age, played rugby and who, at the end of his stay didn't want to go home. Considering the diamond-bright light of Oz in contrast to the smoke-choked, building blackened, foul-weathered town of Halifax - there must have been considerable affinity. I caught up with him 57 years later.

Any additional comments?
Given the chance, I should like to tell a second story about the home made holiday homes, tied in with my childhood holidays.

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