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28 October 2014

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Leeds band Pulled Apart By Horses

Pulled Apart By Horses

Raw Talent grabbed guitarist James Brown (not that one!) and drummer Lee Vincent to talk about all things festival and their forthcoming set on the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds and Reading 2008.

RT: How long have you been together?

PABH: (James) We started rehearsing in late 2007 so not even a year old yet. Fresh, handsome, young, puppies. (Lee) It’s true. Our first gig was in February so things have got out of hand pretty quickly!

RT: How would you describe your sound?

PABH: (James) Luckily this question doesn’t get asked much in interviews. Erm, I would say magma disco rioting with low-fat yoghurt based rock. It’s always something I struggle with. (Lee) It is the hardest thing ever to accurately describe your band, so I’ll just agree with James, haha!

RT: You’ve all been in bands before, how much of a difference did that make when you were starting out?

PABH: (James) I spent a lot of time playing in all kinds of weird bands when I was younger. I think it helps a lot when it comes to gigging but not really much else unless you’re going to manage your band as well and all that schizzle. (Lee) I think it helps if people liked the bands you were in before! Through playing in bands you get to know other bands, promoters; you tour and you get records put out by little labels. It’s all important experience and from that experience I think what’s most important is the perspective it gives you. It definitely makes it easier when you start a new band once you’ve got that.

Pulled Apart By Horses

RT: Tell us about the moment you found out you’d be gracing the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds and Reading Festivals this year.

PABH: (James) I opened a can of booze at a very early stage in the day and then proceeded to message Katy Noone (producer of Raw Talent) about how good looking she is and that I would like to take her out on a date. Then I got very excited. (Lee) I cried for days! Not really. I was very happy though.

RT: What does this opportunity mean to you? Does it mean more because you’re from Leeds?

PABH: (James) It means a lot in the sense that we’ll be playing the same festival bills as some of the biggest bands in the world but the Leeds show will really clutch a few heart strings for me as it all about Leeds innit. (Lee) I went to Reading for seven or eight years in a row from the age of 15 (I’m from the south originally). It’s such a massive event in British music and when you’re a teenager you dream about playing it. Actually doing that will be mindblowing!

RT: Is there anyone playing the festival this year that you’d give up one of your limbs to see?

PABH: (James) Rage Against the Machine. (Lee) Yeah Rage Against the Machine! Childhood heroes, haha.

RT: Which limb would you give up?

PABH: (Lee) My love limb.

RT: What is the one memory you have that best epitomises everything you think a festival should be?

Guitarist James from Pulled Apart By Horses

James from Pulled Apart By Horses

PABH: (James) I once got trapped in some woods at Glastonbury lost as could be. I climbed a tree to try and find my campsite by viewing the site from up on high only to a young drunk chap at the top who offered me a beer and then pointed out my camping area. Basically everyone is willing to help out or chat or get drunk up a tree. (Lee) I remember the one year I went to Glastonbury, we spent hours walking around the outer fence looking for a good place to hop over. After what seemed like an age this Hare Krishna looking dude appeared all zen like from behind a bush near the fence and said, ‘You can jump here’ which we did! That memory is so vivid, yet could be completely fabricated by my sub-conscious. Once we’d jumped, we walked through a little wood, over a stream and straight into a field with fire breathing monsters and Mad Max-style cars. It was actually like another world and it was incredible!

RT: And what about the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to you at a festival?

PABH: (James) Glastonbury '99. Michael Eavis gave me a lift in his Land Rover to the cider bus. What a guy. He could see I was drunk but took me there anyway. Bad man. (Lee) Glastonbury again for me too. I had a chat with a guy whose trousers were on fire, when I pointed this out he just said ‘I know’ and we carried on talking. Saying that, I also had my shorts set on fire by a guy at Reading one year. Then I tried to sell him.

RT: Pulled Apart By Horses are sitting around in the campsite having a late-night, messing about and making sweet music. What is the one song guaranteed to make you all a bit rowdy and wake up the neighbours?

PABH: (James) Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights.

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created: 04/08/2008

You are in: Humber > Entertainment > Music Features > Pulled Apart By Horses

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